2021 SCTA Funding Program Call for Projects (FY23-FY27)

In June 2021, the SCTA recognized a number of transportation fund sources will be available in a compressed period of time and identified the need for the 2021 SCTA Funding Program Call for Projects to ensure resources are well-coordinated and directed to the highest priority projects. In order to capitalize on the funding opportunities coming up in the next 6-12 months SCTA is issuing a call for all projects to program funds for federal and State fiscal years of 2022-23 through 2026-27.

The initial programming focus is for the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) in order to meet MTC/CTC deadlines this fall; however, the 2021 SCTA Funding Program Call for Projects asks project sponsors to identify the highest priorities in each jurisdiction in order for SCTA to strategically program the best projects with the various fund sources available. Knowing the priorities of each jurisdiction will help SCTA assess and prepare projects for the multiple funding programs, particularly the One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) Cycle 3 funds that are expected to be released at the end of this year.

SCTA is requesting that project sponsors submit their top 5 priority projects, with an eye to the STIP programming first ($5.2M total available), but with the understanding that priorities will also be considered for the other sources listed below. Transit agencies may also submit up to 5 priorities.

Project sponsors must have a master agreement with Caltrans to receive federal and State transportation funding and must also meet all the minimum requirements as established in Regional Delivery Guidelines (MTC Resolution 3606) and the SCTA application instructions. If an applicant does not meet these requirements they must partner with an agency that does.

All projects should advance the goals of the Regional and Comprehensive Transportation Plans, and are subject to the requirements and guidelines of the respective funding programs.

Applications for funding must be prepared by eligible project sponsors and delivered to Seana Gause (seana.gause@scta.ca.gov) and James Cameron (james.cameron@scta.ca.gov) no later than close of business September 16, 2021.

The funding sources considered as part of this call are:

Funding SourceFunding TypeEst amount ($M)CTC Policies and ProceduresMTC Policies and ProceduresSCTA ActionMTC Program AdoptionCTC Program AdoptionAvailable
OBAG 3Federal$25.0N/ADec-21May-22Sep-22 N/AFY23-27
STIP (CRRSAA)Federal$2.3Aug-21Sep-21Oct-21Dec-21Mar-22FY22
LPP (Incentive)State$5.0Apr-20N/ATBDN/ATBDFY22
LPP (f)State$2.0Apr-20N/ATBDN/ATBDFY22-24
Go SonomaLocal$20.0N/AN/ATBDN/AN/AFY26-27
Reg. Mitigation FeeLocal$4.8N/AN/ATBDN/AN/ATBD

STIP specific information:

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) released the STIP fund estimates on July 19, 2021, and expects to adopt those same estimates in August along with STIP Guidelines. SCTA Board approval will occur in October 2021 as project submittals are due to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) October 6, 2021. MTC will approve projects in December 2021, and the CTC will approve the 2022 STIP projects in January 2022.

Once a proposed project is selected for STIP funds by approval of the SCTA Board, project sponsors will be required to submit a complete and accurate SCTA Funding Program Project Nomination Sheet (which may be a revision of the original submittal, depending on the amount of funds available for programming and approved by the SCTA Board).

All necessary and required applications materials for downloading are below:


2021 SCTA Funding Program Schedule

07/22/21      TAC presentation and discussion on 2021 SCTA Funding Program – STIP Schedule released by MTC
08/09/21      SCTA Releases Call for Projects
09/16/21      Completed applications due to SCTA
09/23/21      TAC review/staff recommendation
10/06/21      Proposed STIP projects due to MTC from Bay Area County Transp. Authorities (draft lists acceptable)
10/11/21      SCTA Board approves STIP Program of Projects and receives first draft of project priority lists from jurisdictions
Funds available in FYs 23, 26 and 27

Useful Links:
Priority Development Area and Equity Priority Communities Map
Draft Comprehensive Transportation Plan
Draft Plan Bay Area 2050
CTP Priority List from Jurisdictions

Contact SCTA if more detailed maps are required. For more general information about the application or process, please contact: Seana L. S. Gause (seana.gause@scta.ca.gov), (707) 565-5372