Advisory and Coordinating Committees

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The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is composed of 20 members from community groups and 5 members from the public at ­large. The primary function of the CAC is to review projects, policy statements, funding programs, and any other items that may be acted on by the SCTA and to provide input and recommendations for the SCTA’s decision making process. The CAC also serves as the independent oversight committee for Measure M. The Chair of the CAC is John Bly, representing the Engineering Contractors Association.

  • John Bly, Chair, Engineering Contractors Association
  • Mousa Abbasi, Vice Chair, Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Dennis Harter, Sonoma County Alliance
  • Curt Nichols, Building Industry Association
  • Rick Luttmann, League of Women Voters of Sonoma County
  • Lisa Badenfort, North Bay Association of Realtors
  • Vacant, North Bay Chapter of the Electric Auto Association
  • Natalie Higley, North Bay Labor Council
  • Vacant, North Bay Organizing Project
  • Steve Birdlebough, Sierra Club
  • Kathleen Cortez, Sonoma County Area Agency on Aging
  • Eris Weaver, Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
  • Tom Conlon, Sonoma County Conservation Coalition
  • Ray Mulas, Sonoma County Farm Bureau
  • Michael Lavin, Sonoma County Taxpayers Association
  • Claudia Vecchio, Sonoma County Tourism
  • Willard Richards, Sonoma County Transportation and Land-Use Coalition
  • Jeff Blakeslee, Save Our Sonoma Roads
  • Vacant, Transit Paratransit Coordinating Committee
  • Vacant, Sonoma County Winegrowers
  • David Oster, 1st District
  • Mark Soiland, 2nd District
  • Tom Bahning, 3rd District
  • Brian Ling, 4th District
  • Carmen Flores, 5th District

Transit Paratransit

The Transit Paratransit Coordinating Committee (TPCC) assists the SCTA in making funding decisions regarding transit and paratransit programs throughout the county. It is composed of: one potential transit user over 60 years of age, one who is disabled, one representing the Latino community, two representing local social service providers for seniors, two representing social service providers for disabled persons, one representing the low income community, and one representative from each public transit operator within the county. Each city council may also appoint one representative. The Chair of the TPCC is Dennis Battenberg, disability activist.

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  • Dennis Battenberg, Chair, Citizen
  • Jeana Ericksen, Vice Chair, State Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Mohammed Ali, MV Transportation Santa Rosa
  • Robert Cuneo, Citizen
  • Kathleen Cortez, Area Agency on Aging, Advisory Council
  • Lauren Garibaldi, Petaluma People Service Center
  • Stan Gow, Citizen
  • Jon Gaffney, Golden Gate Transit
  • Dwane Ivory, MV Transportation Petaluma
  • Yuri Koslen / Rachel Ede, Santa Rosa CityBus
  • Silvia Martinez-Palacios / Jared Hall, Petaluma Transit
  • April Pearson, Volunteer Wheels
  • Steven Schmitz / Maria Arce / Bryan Albee , Sonoma County Transit

Countywide Bicycle & Pedestrian

The Countywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (CBPAC) advises the SCTA on programming decisions for bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and aids in project coordination and planning. It is composed of representatives from each bicycle advisory committee in the cities and County (and serves as the BPAC for cities that do not have their own). The Chair of the CBPAC is Jon-Paul Harries, City of Cotati.

  • Steven Schmitz, Chair, County of Sonoma
  • Ken Eichstaedt, Vice Chair, City of Petaluma
  • Rafael Miranda, City of Cloverdale
  • Jon-Paul Harries, City of Cotati
  • Robert Boinski, City of Healdsburg
  • Gina Benedetti-Petnic, City of Petaluma
  • Eydie Tacata/Tim Hensel, City of Rohnert Park
  • Nancy Adams/Rachel Ede, City of Santa Rosa
  • Vacant, City of Sebastopol
  • Wendy Atkins, City of Sonoma
  • Joe Morgan, County of Sonoma Citizen Representative
  • Vacant, County of Sonoma, Permit Sonoma
  • Elizabeth Tyree/Ken Tam, County of Sonoma, Regional Parks
  • Mona Ibrahim / Alejandro Perez, Town of Windsor


The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is a subcommittee of the TAC and meets regularly to discuss countywide and regional planning processes. The SCTA Modeling Subcommittee functions including oversight of the travel demand modeling is  part of the PAC responsibility as well. The Chair of the PAC is Vicki Parker, City of Cotati.

  • Brian Oh, Chair, County of Sonoma – Permit Sonoma
  • Kevin Thompson, City of Cloverdale
  • Noah Housh, City of Cotati
  • Scott Duiven, City of Healdsburg
  • Heather Hines, City of Petaluma
  • Jeff Beiswenger, City of Rohnert Park
  • Amy Lyle / Clare Hartman / Amy Nicholson, City of Santa Rosa
  • Kari Svanstrom, City of Sebastopol
  • David Storer, City of Sonoma
  • Jessica Jones, Town of Windsor
  • Scott Orr, County of Sonoma – Permit Sonoma
  • Vacant, Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria
  • Mark Bramfitt, LAFCO
  • Bryan Albee / Steven Schmitz, Sonoma County Transit
  • Rachel Ede, Santa Rosa CityBus
  • Ron Downing, Golden Gate Transit
  • Joanne Parker / Emily Betts / Chris Bearden , Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART)
  • Vacant, Petaluma Transit
  • Philip Cox, Caltrans


The primary function of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is to advise the SCTA on all technical matters. It is composed of Public Works Directors or their representatives, Planning Directors and Transit Operators from each jurisdiction in Sonoma County. It also includes representatives from Caltrans, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District. The Chair of the TAC is Katherine Wall, City of Sonoma.

Public Works

  • Marc Rincon / Eric Janzen, City of Cloverdale
  • Craig Scott, City of Cotati
  • Steven Urbanek, County of Sonoma, Transportation & Public Works
  • Elizabeth Tyree, County of Sonoma, Regional Parks
  • Larry Zimmer, City of Healdsburg
  • Ken Eichstaedt, City of Petaluma
  • Eydie Tacata, City of Rohnert Park
  • Nancy Adams / Jason Nutt, City of Santa Rosa
  • Toni Bertolero, City of Sebastopol
  • Michelle Fajardo, City of Sonoma
  • Alejandro Perez, Town of Windsor


  • Bryan Albee, Sonoma County Transit
  • Rachel Ede, Santa Rosa CityBus
  • Ron Downing, Golden Gate Transit
  • Joanne Parker, Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART)
  • Jared Hall, Petaluma Transit