Resilience and Recovery

We would like to express our deep sympathies to everyone in our community who has been impacted by recent fires, particularly those who have lost loved ones or homes. This includes some of our own, with Director Gorin and two of our staff losing family homes. The disaster affected us all and many among us are experiencing ongoing trauma and grief.

That said, the response to this unprecedented event has been astonishing and inspiring. We have learned a great deal about the bravery and generosity of our community, and the strength of our networks and institutions in reacting to emergencies.

Resilience is the ability to recover from difficulties, it is strength.

The SCTA and RCPA were each created to enhance the strength of Sonoma County through coordinated planning and investments in transportation, energy infrastructure, and climate action. We – like so many – are turning our attentions to how our resources can be used to help rebuild and manage the risk of future catastrophes.

In the immediate term, we want to help keep people safe and get them back into their homes and to help replace and repair essential infrastructure. We will share any useful recovery information we get on our website and social media. We will continue to look for funding and information resources that can help with reconstruction.

In the near term, we will continue to assist our government and community partners with information resources and staff support for recovery and planning needs. The SCTA/RCPA will use our relationships with governmental and community groups to facilitate coordination and sharing of information and resources. For instance, we helped create the Sonoma County Resilience Team to develop planning tools that support a better understanding of not only fire risk, but also drought, flooding, and rising seas. Please contact our staff if they can serve you in accessing these tools.

Lastly, we will of course continue our existing work, which contributes to making Sonoma County a stronger, more climate smart community. For the SCTA that includes planning and investment to improve the performance of the transportation system as a whole and delivering various projects from finishing improvements on Highway 101 to addressing rising seas on Highway 37 to deploying car share and bike share systems. For the RCPA, that includes work to retrofit buildings and promote clean transportation, support to member governments in delivering climate action leadership, and ongoing collaboration with NGOs and government at all levels to plan for community well-being in the face of climate challenges.

Please take care and let us know how we can help.

Suzanne Smith
Executive Director
Sonoma County Transportation Authority
Regional Climate Protection Authority