Measure M Projects: Bicycle and Pedestrian

Foss Creek Trail

Create a continuous paved pedestrian and bicycle facility (Class I and II) between the City’s northern and southern city limits. The path is along Foss Creek and the Northwestern Pacific rail line in places

Additional Project Details:
The ultimate Foss Creek Trail will traverse the full length of the City of Healdsburg from its southern boundary to the northern City limits. The pathway will primarily lie with existing railroad right of way along the Foss Creek corridor and connect to several access points along the way.
The proposed improvements include a ten foot wide paved pathway with one and a half foot (1-½’) rock shoulders. In some locations the pathway may need to narrow to eight feet or less due to the close proximity of adjacent buildings. A six-foot fence will separate pathway from the railroad. On occasion the path veers away from the rail to accommodate Foss Creek or to
connect to neighboring pathways. In such instances where the path veers outside of the rail right of way, there will be no fencing. Other amenities include pathway lighting, bollards and signage at street crossings. The City is delivering the Foss Creek Trail in phases, as shown below:

Phase 1 – Mill Street to North Street
Project Status / Schedule
Construction was completed in April 2006.

Phase 2 – North Street to Norton Slough
Phase 2 connects the trail to the existing public street and sidewalk at Norton Slough.
Project Status / Schedule
Construction was completed in March 2007.

Phase 3 – Front Street to Rail Depot
Project Status / Schedule
Construction was completed in March 2012.

Phase 6 – West Grant Street to Dry Creek Road
Project Status / Schedule
Construction was completed in November 2014.

Phase 7 – Norton Slough to Dry Creek Road
Project Status / Schedule
See below.

Phase 8 – Dry Creek Road to Grove Street
Project Status / Schedule
Phase 7 and 8 will be built at the same time as one project.  These sections are expected to start construction 2019.

Measure M Programming Capacity:
The City of Healdsburg has programmed all of the $3,250K of Measure M – BP funds identified in the Measure M Expenditure Plan.

Project Sponsors
City of Healdsburg

Underlined text indicates completed work.

Funding (in thousands):

Phase Total Measure M Other* Need
1 $402 $380 $22 $0
2 $235 $215 $20 $0
3 $764 $541 $223 $0
6 $1,874 $274 $1,600 $0
7/8 $2,504 $1,840 $664 $0
Totals $5,779 $3,250 $2,529 $0

*OTHER includes federal earmark, CMA grant funds, Developer Fees and VPMP grant.