Measure M Projects: Bicycle and Pedestrian

Old Redwood Highway – Mendocino Ave. – Santa Rosa Ave. Bikelanes

Create a safer north-south bike route through central Santa Rosa.

Additional Project Details:
The City of Santa Rosa plans to deliver this project in the following two phases:

Phase 1 – Mendocino Avenue from Fountaingrove Parkway to Steele Lane
The first phase of this project is located adjacent to Santa Rosa Junior College and modified median islands and restriped Mendocino Avenue to include bike lanes.
Project Status / Schedule
Phase 1 was completed in June 2009.

Phase 2 – Santa Rosa Avenue from Maple Street to Sonoma Avenue
The second phase is located between Maple Street and Sonoma Avenue on Santa Rosa Avenue.
Project Status / Schedule
The City of Santa Rosa is working on a funding plan and schedule for Phase 2 work.

Measure M Programming Capacity:
The City of Santa Rosa has programmed $157K of the $500K of Measure M – BP funds identified in the Measure M Expenditure Plan ($343K remaining).

Project Sponsors
City of Santa Rosa

Underlined text indicates completed work.

Funding (in thousands):

Phase Total Measure M-BP Other Need
1 $157 $157 $0 $0
2 TBD $0 $0 TBD
Totals TBD $157 $0 TBD