Measure M Projects: Bicycle and Pedestrian

Central Sonoma Valley Bikeway

Create a safe route for pedestrians and bicyclist between Verano Avenue and Agua Caliente Road. There is currently no alternative through route to Highway 12 forcing pedestrians and bicyclist to use the shoulder of Highway 12 for such destinations as Flowery School, Larson Park, La Luz Community Center, Maxwell Farms Regional Park and the Boys and Girls Club.

Additional Project Details:
Sonoma County Regional Parks will construct the Central Sonoma Valley bicycle and pedestrian pathway in multiple phases. The first phase has been split into three segments. The first (1A) at Larson Park was completed in 2011.  The second (1B), a Class I bike path from Flowery School to Depot Road will cross Pequeno Creek and continue through the school property to Depot Road where there is an existing path.  The remainder of the path will continue on the existing sidewalk to Highway 12.  An ADA accessible, prefabricated bridge will be placed over Pequeno Creek.  The third (1C), a Class I bike path from Sonoma Creek to Main Street on Verano Avenue will be within the existing road right-of-way and County owned property.  There will be 5 feet of separation between the bike path and edge of pavement on Verano Avenue.  The bike path will connect to an existing path on the western end.  Construction work will include asphalt paving, gravel shoulders, grading and drainage, striping, signage, striping, bike/pedestrian bridge, and bollards.

Phase 1A – Larson Park Trail Segment
Project Status / Schedule
Phase 1A was completed in May 2011.

Phase 1B – Flowery Elementary School to Depot Road (0.11 Miles)
Project Status / Schedule
Phase 1B is fully funded and completed in 2018.

Phase 1C Verano Avenue – Sonoma Creek to Main Street (0.31 miles)
Project Status / Schedule
Phase 1C is fully funded and completed in 2018.

Phases TBD
Project Status / Schedule
Sonoma County Regional Parks is working on securing right of way and funding for future phases.

Measure M Programming Capacity:
Sonoma County Regional Parks has programmed $183K of the $1,900K in Measure M – BP funds identified in the Measure M Expenditure Plan ($1,717K remaining).

Project Sponsors:
Sonoma County Regional Parks (Class I bike paths)
County of Sonoma Department of Transportation and Public Works (Class II and III bike routes)

Underlined text indicates completed work.

Funding (in thousands):

Phase Total Measure M-BP Other Need
1A $189,000 $63,000 $126,000 $0
1B $162,000 $100,000 $137,000 $0
1C $463,000 $20,000 $388,000 $0
Totals TBD $183,000 TDB TBD