Measure M Projects: Bicycle and Pedestrian

Petaluma River Trail

Create a bicycle and pedestrian pathway along Petaluma River connecting east side of town to new shopping, new housing and theater district downtown.

Additional Project Details:
The Petaluma River Trail is a mutli-segment and multi-phase program.  The Trail will be a Class I multi-use pathway from the eastside urban limits to the Historic Downtown Area utilizing the creek and river’s natural corridors, including approximately 2 miles along the Petaluma River. This project carries out a portion of the Petaluma River Access and Enhancement Plan approved by City Council in 2000. This project is to be constructed in phases, with Measure M funding being applied to only Phase 3 as earlier phases were constructed without Measure M funds..

Phase 3
Construct the Petaluma River trail from Lakeville Street to Washington Street, including an  DA accessible, prefabricated bike and pedestrian bridge over the Petaluma River, near Copeland
Project Status / Schedule
The City of Petaluma substantially completed construction of the Phase 3 of the Petaluma  River Trail in September 2013.  Due to the City’s inability to acquire the property rights from one property owner, the trail was stopped short of the connection to the sidewalk on Washington Street.  The City has recently begun working with a developer adjacent to the available parcel, who is in negotiations for rights to the needed property to complete the trail.  Once right of way acquisition is complete the City will complete construction work to close the gap from the ;prior project to the existing pedestrian walkway on Washington Street.  Because the City was able to complete the previous segment under budget, the unused $363K has been programmed for the gap closure.

Measure M Programming Capacity:
Petaluma has programmed all of the $2,000K in Measure M – BP funds identified in the Measure M Expenditure Plan.

Project Sponsor:
City of Petaluma

Underlined text indicates completed work.

Funding (in thousands):

Phase Total Measure M-BP Other Need
3 $2,624 $2,000 $624 $0

*OTHER includes re-development funding.