Go Sonoma Transportation Sales Tax Measure

The Sonoma County Transportation Authority (SCTA) manages a ¼-cent sales tax – known as Measure M – to help fund critical transportation infrastructure projects and transit operations. The measure is set to expire in 2024 and the SCTA has decided to seek voter approval this November to extend the measure 20 years.

New transportation investment is needed in our community. Without it, we will experience more traffic, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and poorly maintained streets that lead to time away from our family and friends, bad air quality, increased costs for car maintenance, and impacts to our climate.

This plan, Go Sonoma, benefits everyone who lives and works in Sonoma County. Through a public process we have developed a plan that shows how we will fix local streets, improve transportation corridors, increase bus transit service, and improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.


Provides $10M each year to pave roads – doubling the amount of local funds.

Ensures no delay in getting projects ready to go for construction.


Provides opportunity for public projects to create good, local jobs.

Requires Cities and County to maintain the same level of local money they currently spend on transportation.

Bike and Walk

More than quadruples local funding for bike and pedestrian projects.

Requires road projects to include bike and pedestrian elements.

Requires projects to use best practices for bikeway design.


Dedicates funds to improve alternatives to cars and fight climate change.

Dedicates funds to travel demand programs for alternatives to single occupant cars.

Requires paving projects to consider methods that reduce GHG emissions.


More than doubles the amount of local money going to local bus service.

Dedicates funds to first/last mile connections for public transit.

Dedicates funds to fare free transit for students and seniors.


Urges use of technology to ensure safety and reliability, not just infrastructure.

Go Sonoma Funds by Category

Annual Pothole Fund



(Population / Road Mile)

Estimated Annual Sales Tax Funding
Cloverdale 1.59% $157,000
Cotati 1.27% $126,000
Healdsburg 2.18% $216,000
Petaluma 9.78% $967,000
Rohnert Park 6.24% $616,000
Santa Rosa 28.15% $2,781,000
Sebastopol 1.28% $127,000
Sonoma 1.84% $182,000
Windsor 4.61% $456,000
County 43.04% $4,253,000

Annual Transit Agency Funding

Operators Maintain and Expand Service Reimbursement
Petaluma Transit $582,000 Fare free
Santa Rosa CityBus $1,642,000 rides and
Sonoma County Transit $2,457,000 commuter benefits


Connecting people and places as we transition our transportation network to zero-emissions by 2050.

Our guiding principles are to improve safety, equity, and quality of life.


Our transportation system should be:

1. Connected and Reliable

Deliver a seamless network that allows people to use a variety of transportation types easily, affordably and dependably.

– Provide a robust and well-coordinated local and regional transit system.
– Create a high-quality bike and pedestrian network.
– Optimize roadway operations to allow efficient movement of people.
– Ensure effective transportation options for youth and older adults.
– Guide innovation to the transportation system.

2. Safe and Well-Maintained

Provide safe and well-maintained transportation infrastructure.

– Employ Vision Zero policies and strategies.
– Use maintenance dollars efficiently and effectively.
– Design infrastructure for all ages and abilities.
– Deploy innovative technologies and best practices.

3. Community Oriented and Place-Based

Implement place-based transportation projects, tailored to urban, suburban, and rural communities, that will improve local mobility.

– Target high-traffic areas with right sized solutions to improve access.
– Focus on strategies that support high density, walkable and transit-oriented communities.
– Prioritize resilient infrastructure in areas at risk for flooding, fire and other environmental challenges.
– Employ Complete Street policies and strategies that support a diversity of uses.

4. Zero-Emissions

Provide zero-emission transportation opportunities that meet diverse community needs, improve health and enhance quality of life.

– Prioritize transportation funding for zero-emissions strategies.
– Emphasize strategies that incentivize transit and shared mobility.
– Take bold steps to achieve a zero-emission transportation network.
– Support climate-friendly land use practices through ongoing coordination and alignment.
– Implement the Shift Sonoma County Low Carbon Transportation Plan.


Potential projects will be identified and prioritized by each city and the County when a call for projects is issued for the Move Traffic and Improve Safety and Build Bikeways and Pathways programs. Sample projects are included in Moving Forward 2050, our Comprehensive Transportation Plan, found at: scta.ca.gov/2050

The following priority lists for the Move Traffic and Improve Safety program and the Build Bikeways and Pathways program do not guarantee funding for a project. All projects are subject to a competitive process.

Priority List – Move Traffic and Improve Safety

SponsorProject TypeProject NameDescriptionLocationCost ($M)
CloverdaleRoadway ImprovementsCloverdale Downtown Complete Streets Improvement ProjectRoad surface & improvement project intended to extend the effective serviceMultiple: Downtown streets including N. Cloverdale Blvd. from Railroad Ave. to Third Street, Commercial Street and Main Street$0.6
CloverdaleRoadway ImprovementsCloverdale Neighborhood Streets Reconstruction & Maintenance PgmCloverdale Annual Rehabilitation Program for Local Streets , including slurry seals, seal cracks, asphalt overlays and reconstructionCitywide$24.8
CotatiHighway ImprovementsHighway 116 Cotati Corridor ImprovementsThis project is a widening of Highway 116 between US 101 and Stony Point Road, including phased closure of driveway access to 116, the addition of signalized intersections, new bike lanes, and new sidewalk to improve the vehicle LOS, improve the safety of 116 for all modes of transportation, and create safe new corridors for pedestrian and bicyclists. Improvements to this State facility are identified in the adopted Bike and Ped Master Plan, as well as the City's General Plan.Cotati, from US 101 to Stony Point Road$15
CotatiMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsLa Plaza ReunificationJoining of all 4 legs of La Plaza Street around La Plaza Park, and re-routing vehicle and bicycle traffic around La Plaza Park to connections with Old Redwood Highway, West Cotati Avenue, West Sierra Avenue, and East Cotati Avenue. Project would re-create the central town plaza and encourage and activate a pedestrian and bicycle friendly downtown.Old Redwood Highway @ East Cotati Avenue$15
CotatiMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsOld Redwood Hwy rehab - Plaza to Gravenstein HwyThis project consists of widening Old Redwood Highway for safer bike lanes, sidewalks, and center island medians. Also includes various signal improvements to improve congestion.Cotati, Old Redwood Highway between La Plaza Park and Highway 116.$8
CotatiHighway ImprovementsUS 101/Highway 116 North Bound On-Ramp ImprovementsThis project is the creation of traditional north bound on-ramp for US 101 at the interchange with Highway 116. Highway 116 currently circulates through city streets to reach the US 101 north bound on-ramp at the intersection of Commerce Boulevard and Old Redwood Highway. This project will create a new leg from the existing US 101 south bound off ramp to provide a safer and more efficient path for traffic on Highway 116.Cotati, at the US 101 and Highway 116 interchange.$10
CotatiHighway ImprovementsUS 101/Railroad Avenue Improvements.This project is the creation of a new south bound off ramp and north bound on ramp at Railroad Avenue. There continues to be growth outside of Cotati and Pengrove that will exacerbate traffic in both Pengrove and in downtown Cotati, as these are the only options to access US 101. Improvements would include safety improvements on Railroad Avenue from Petaluma Hill to US 101.Cotati, at the US 101 and West Railroad Avenue interchange. Railroad Ave from Petaluma Hill Road to US 101.$40
CotatiHighway ImprovementsUS 101/West Sierra Avenue South Bound Off-Ramp ImprovementsThis project is the creation of a new south bound off ramp at West Sierra Avenue to improve transportation options for vehicles traveling south bound on US 101 by giving vehicles another option to access the Cotati/ southern Rohnert Park area, and relieving congestion at the US 101/116 interchange. Currently, no other south bound option exists between Highway 116 and Old Redwood Highway in Petaluma.Cotati, at the US 101 and West Sierra Avenue interchange.$10
HealdsburgIntersection ImprovementsDry Creek Road ImprovementsReconstruct and partially widen Dry Creek to implement street curbs, sidewalks, enhanced safety pedestrian crossing class 1 pathway and lane reconfiguration; reconstruct and widen north half of Grove St/Dry Creek Rd intersection.Dry Creek Road: from Healdsburg Avenue intersection to Hwy 101 interchange under-crossing.$7
HealdsburgMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsGrove Street Neighborhood Plan Implementation - Complete StreetsRoad improvements including curb, gutter, sidewalk, and bike facilities. Complete street project.Grove Street between Grant Street and Dry Creek Road.$2.5
HealdsburgMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsHealdsburg Avenue Complete Street Improvement Powell to N CityLimRoad diet, bicycle facilities, pedestrian improvements, enhanced safety, and streetscape. Complete street project.Within existing public Right-of-Way, from Powell Avenue to the Northern City Limits.$9.5
HealdsburgMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsHealdsburg Avenue-Mill Street ImprovementsReconstruct Healdsburg Avenue to re-align street curbs, reduce number of vehicle lanes, implement parking, landscaped center medians, sidewalks and other pedestrian features. Mill Street reconstruction and partial widening to implement street curbs, sidewalks, and possibly lane reconfiguration.Healdsburg Avenue: from Mill St/Vine St (5-way intersection) to Exchange Ave. Mill Street: from Healdsburg Ave/Vine St (5-way intersection) to Hwy 101 under-crossing$2
HealdsburgMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsHealdsburg Plaza Streetscape RehabilitationStreetscape project to improve safety and remove ADA barriers on all walkways within the Healdsburg Plaza extending down Center Street up to and include Police Department frontage.All walkways within the Healdsburg Plaza extending down Center Street upto and include Police Department frontage$2.2
HealdsburgIntersection ImprovementsUS-101 Central Healdsburg Offramp Improvements (Roundabout)The Northbound 101 offramp crosses Soutbound Healdsburg Avenue (stop sign) creating a unique traffic situation. The Central Healdsburg Area Plan calls for a roundabout at this location.Northbound US 101 offramp at Central Healdsburg$10
PetalumaRoadway ImprovementsCaulfield Lane ReconstructionProject includes the reconstruction of Caulfield Lane from Highway 101 to Garfield Drive which will also include the installation of curb ramps, new traffic signal detection cameras and striping.Caulfield Lane$4
PetalumaHighway ImprovementsD Street ReconstructionProject includes the reconstruction of D Street from Windsor Drive to Petaluma Boulevard South which will also include the installation of curb ramps, new traffic signal detection cameras and striping.D Street$4
PetalumaRoadway ImprovementsEast Washington Street ReconstructionProject includes the reconstruction of East Washington Street from Hwy 101 off Ramp to Bodega Avenue which will also include the installation of curb ramps, new traffic signal detection cameras and striping.D Street$8
PetalumaRoadway ImprovementsSouthern Crossing at Caulfield LaneConstruct extension of Caulfield Lane to cross the Petaluma River and terminate at Petaluma Boulevard Souththe southern end of the City of Petaluma to cross the Petaluma River$72
PetalumaITS & New TechnologiesTraffic Signals ITS UpgradesProject includes the installation of fiber optic interconnect communication, upgrading traffic controllers with adaptive upgrades, advanced detection system for automated traffic signal performance measures and the installation of battery backup systems to create a comprehensive transportation network that is intelligent, scalable, flexible and resilient during a natural disaster.City of Petaluma$10
PetalumaRoadway ImprovementsWashington Street Bridge Seismic RetrofitSeismically retrofit the Washington Street bridgeWashington Street over the Petaluma River, between Water Street and Grey Street$4
RCPAEmission Reduction TechnologiesRural EV Charger NetworkDevelop a network of EV charging stations on government-owned properties outside of major city centers at locations that may not receive traditional grant funding due to being outside of long-standing cell-coverage zones required for grant-mandated network chargers and/or would require match funding that is currently a barrier for access to grant funding. A methodology developed by the County of Santa Clara Office of Sustainability indicate that non-residential public EV chargers that are available 7 days/week reduce 6.77 MTCO2e/year. https://www.sccgov.org/sites/dnz/Documents/Task-3D-EV-Charging-Stations-as-GHG-Mitigation-Mechanism-under-CEQA_White-Paper.pdf_x000D_
Location: Identified government-owned locations for 280 charging ports include: Cloverdale Park & Ride, Geyserville Park & Ride, Guerneville Park & Ride, Ragle Ranch Regional Park, Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach Regional Park, Los Guilicos Juneville Hall Facilities, Penngrove Park & Ride, Boyes Hot Springs Park & Ride, Tom Schopflin Fields Regional Park, Cotati Park & Ride #1, Healdsburg Park & Ride, Occidental Community Center, Shiloh Ranch Regional Park, Spring Lake Regional Park Upper Lot Shady Oaks, Taylor Mountain Regional Park, North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park, Maxwell Farm Regional Park, Cotati Park & Ride #2, Spring Lake Regional Park Lower Parking Lot, Sebastopol Park & Ride, Schellville Park & Ride, Occidental Park & Ride East Upper Lot #2, Monte Rio Recreation And Park District, Monte Rio Creekside Park, Helen Putnam Regional Park, Gualala Point Regional Park, Fulton Park & Ride, River Keeper Stewardship Park, Stillwater Cove Regional Park
Various - see description$5.9
Rohnert ParkRoadway ImprovementsCentral Rohnert Park PDA - Rohnert Park Expressway Slip StreetsFour slip streets on both sides of Rohnert Park Expressway between Commerce Boulevard and SMART Railway, each consisting of 10' vehicular travel lane, 18' diagonal parking lane, and 8' concrete bike pathParallel to Rohnert Park Expressway between Commerce Boulevard and State Farm Drive, and State Farm Drive and the SMART Railway.$3.6
Rohnert ParkRoadway ImprovementsCentral Rohnert Park PDA – Commercial Connector Street CompletionExtension of City Center Drive between State Farm Drive and Commerce Boulevard (currently “Padre Center Parkway”); new street connecting Rohnert Park Expressway to City Center Drive; new street connecting Rohnert Park Expressway; three traffic signals; widening of Commerce Boulevard Bridge over Hinebaugh CreekDriveway of Padre Park Center between Commerce Boulevard and State Farm Drive, and between State Farm Drive and Hunter Drive, south of Rohnert Park Expressway.$5.7
Rohnert ParkITS & New TechnologiesCitywide Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) ImplementationImplementation of Citywide ATMS at 26 of 38 existing intersections (including cabinet and detection replacement/upgrade; ATMS infrastructure/software, programming) and installation of 6.7 miles of fiber or copper in new interconnect conduit.Citywide$5.7
Rohnert ParkRoadway ImprovementsRedwood Drive Bridge Replacement at Hinebaugh CreekRedesign and replacement of vehicular bridgeRedwood Drive at Hinebaugh Creek$10
Rohnert ParkRoadway ImprovementsSouthwest Boulevard Corridor ImprovementsOverlay and reconstruction of Southwest Boulevard and complete streets implementation as well as streetscape and urban design improvements to encourage bicycle and pedestrian use while accommodating vehicular traffic.Bodway Parkway, between Valley House Drive and East Railroad Avenue$2.2
Rohnert ParkRoadway ImprovementsState Farm Drive OvercrossingOvercrossing of Highway 101 between State Farm Drive and Business Park Drive consisting of bridge overpass with two (2) vehicular travel lanes, two (2) unprotected bike lanes, pedestrian access.Between State Farm Drive/Commerce Boulevard intersection on east side of Highway 101 and Business Park Drive/Redwood Drive intersection west of Highway 101$17
Santa RosaRoadway ImprovementsChanate Road - Resiliency CorridorThe scope of this project includes:Fire evacuation route (Mendocino Avenue to Parker Hill Road) includes roundabout @ Parker Hill Rd and Chanate Rd and modifying existing median.Chanate Road from Mendocino Avenue to Parker Hill Road$12.5
Santa RosaMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsDowntown Connectivity to Support Housing Density IntensificationProjects to be determined pending City Council approval early 2020, possible multi modal transportation projects that address climate adaptation, housing intensification and financial stability could include Fourth Street, Sixth Street, Third Street, B Street, Healdsburg Avenue, Mendocino Avenue streetscape. (In addition to the project type selected below the project could include the following components - Bicycle and pedestrian, ITS and new technologies, TDM, transit, intersection improvements).Within the Downtown Station Area Specific Plan boundary$25
Santa RosaHighway ImprovementsFulton Road Interchange @ Hwy 12 - Phase 2Convert the existing signalized intersection of Fulton Road and Highway 12 into a full interchange (including sidewalks and bike lanes)Fulton Road Interchange @ Hwy 12$50
Santa RosaHighway ImprovementsHwy 101 Corridor Interchange ImprovementsPhase 1 - Reconstruct the over crossing and interchange at Hearn Avenue and Highway 101, including the addition of turn lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks. ($28.0 M construction phase) - 2022_x000D_
Phase 2 - Reconstruct the over crossing and interchange at Mendocino Ave/Hopper Ave and Highway 101, including the addition of turn lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks as part of the recovery and resiliency and financial stability efforts $40.0 M - 2040_x000D_
Phase 3 - Expand bike, pedestrian, transit, and vehicle improvements across Hwy 101 in south Santa Rosa at Bellevue Avenue and Highway 101 so that mobility options are available to all south Santa Rosa neighborhoods, an under served area, and encourage a healthy climate for business and growth. $30.0 M - 2040
Hearn Ave, Mendocino Ave/Hopper Ave, Bellevue Ave,interchanges @ Hwy 101$98
Santa RosaMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsSoutheast Santa Rosa Multi Modal Resiliency Corridor Enhancement - RoadPhase 2 - Improve and widen Yolanda Avenue between Petaluma Hill Road and Santa Rosa Avenue including 2 travel lanes in the westbound direction and one travel lane in the eastbound direction with a center two way left turn lane, adding bike lanes and sidewalks. ($20.0 M) - 2035
Phase 3 - Construct Farmers Lane from Bennett Valley Road and Farmers Lane to Petaluma Hill Road at Yolanda Avenue. The project will include sidewalks, bike lanes, transit route and serve as an evacuation route. ($46.0 M) - 2030
Farmers Lane between the intersection of Bennett Valley Road and Farmers Lane and the intersection of Petaluma Hill Road and Yolanda Avenue, Yolanda Avenue between Petaluma Hill Road and Santa Rosa Avenue, Fourth Street at Farmers Lane and Taylor Mountain Regional Park Trail parallel to Farmers Lane$66
SCTAHighway ImprovementsHighways 116 and 121 Intersection ImprovementsIntersection improvements will install a roundabout to reduce congestion and improve facilities for bicycles and pedestrians.At the intersection of highways 116, 121, and Bonneau Road in Sonoma County southwest of the Sonoma.$22
SebastopolRoadway ImprovementsBodega Corridor ProjectRepaving, add bike lanes, 3 sidewalk gap closures, roadway widening, shoulder stabilizingBodega Avenue between High St & Pleasant Hill Rd$5
SonomaIntersection ImprovementsIntersection Improvements at West Spain St. and Fifth St. WestImprove this 4-way Stop intersection currently operating at LOS E.At the intersection of West Spain St. and Fifth St. West.$2
SonomaRoadway ImprovementsSafety Improvements at Fifth St. WestResolve Safety problem primarily at the intersection of Fifth St. West and Studley St. and Safeway egress.On Fifth St. West between West Napa St. and Oregon St.$3
Sonoma CountyRoadway Improvements8th Street East Corridor Improvements 1-3: SummaryIntersection improvements at Hwy 121 and 8th St East including new traffic signal, widening 8th St East between Napa Road and Napa Street, Sonoma Schellville Trail from Napa Road to Napa Street paralleling 8th St E along Railroad Right of Way
(Note: this project is a combination of 3 existing projects on the list; 1. 8th Street East/Hwy 121 Signalization 2. 8th Street East widening Napa Rd to Napa St 3. Sonoma/Schellville Trail)
East of Sonoma-
Sonoma CountyRoadway Improvements8th Street East Corridor Improvements 2: Napa Rd. to Napa St.8th Street East widening Napa Rd to Napa StreetNapa Rd. to Napa St.$4
Sonoma CountyIntersection Improvements8th Street East Corridor Improvements 3: Hwy 121 @ 8th St EastInstall traffic signal system on Route 121 and improve channelization at 8th StreetHwy 121 @ 8th Street East$4
Sonoma CountyRoadway ImprovementsAirport Boulevard Widening Ordiance Road and Aviation BoulevardThis is Phase 1. 2) widens Brickway to LaughlinRd; 3) widens Airport Blvd between ORH and US 101; 4) Airport Blvd I/C #22191; 5) Widens Laughlin Rd to 2 lanes, controls at River Rd.Airport Blvd.$50
Sonoma CountyIntersection ImprovementsArnold/Madrone Intersection ImprovementsSignalization & Intersection ImprovementsArnold @ Madrone$2
Sonoma CountyIntersection ImprovementsMirabel Road Corridor Improvements 1-4: SummaryIntersection improvements at Hwy 116, intersection improvements at River Road, shoulder widening on Mirabel Road between Hwy 116 and River Road for Class II bike lanes and West County Trail Extension connecting downtown Forestville to Forestville Youth Park, (Note: this project is a combination of 4 existing projects on the list; 1.Mirabel Road and Route 116 signalization and channelization 2.River/Mirabel intersection improvements 3.Mirabel Road improvements 4. West County Trail Extension)Forestville-
Sonoma CountyIntersection ImprovementsMirabel Road Corridor Improvements 3: River Rd @ MirabelSignalization or Roundabout & intersection improvementsRiver Rd @ Mirabel$3.6
Sonoma CountyIntersection ImprovementsMirabel Road Corridor Improvements 4: Hwy 116 at Mirabel RdConstruct roundabout at current intersection controlled by single stop sign.Hwy 116 at Mirabel Rd$24.2
Sonoma CountyIntersection ImprovementsRailroad Ave ImprovementsSignalization and intersection improvementsat Old Redwood Hwy & at Petaluma Hill Road$4
Sonoma CountyRoadway ImprovementsRiver Road Widening - Fulton to Old Redwood HwyRiver Rd/Mark West Springs – construct 2 additional lanes from Fulton to Old Redwood Hwy.River Rd. - Fulton to Mark West Springs Rd$7
Sonoma CountyRoadway ImprovementsTodd Road ReconstructionWiden Todd Road to include General Plan requirements - reconstruct from Stony Point Road to Llano Road extend east to Petaluma Hill RoadUnicorporated County$30
WindsorHighway ImprovementsArata Lane Interchange Phase 2B NB On-ramp (CIP FY 2016-2017)Construction of the Northbound on-ramp to US 101 will compelte the Arata Lane interchange with US 101. This proejct also includes the relocation of a portion of Los Amigos Road north of Arata Lane. Rights of way have been obtained in prior phases.Arata Lane interchange Northbound on-ramp$4
WindsorHighway ImprovementsShiloh Road Interchange ReconstructionReconstruct the Shiloh Road/US 101 interchange to provide two lanes in each direction. It is anticipated that the existing overcrossing will be replaced and ramps reconfigured. It is expected that 60 percent of project costs will come from federal, state, or regional funds.Shiloh Road/US 101 interchange$45
WindsorHighway ImprovementsUS 101 Overcrossing of Arata LaneReplace the US 101 overcrossing of Arata Lane to provide lane capacity and enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities, including sidewalks. It is expected that 60 percent of project costs will come from federal, state, or regional funds.US 101 Overcrossing of Arata Lane$18

Priority List – Bikeways and Pathways

SponsorProject TypeProject NameDescriptionLocationCost ($M)
CloverdaleBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesCitrus Fair Drive Greenway ProjectComplete bike & pedestrian connection from SMART Transit Center to Tarmen Neighborhood and South Cloverdale Blvd.Citrus Fair Drive from South Cloverdale Blvd to Asti Road$1.4
CloverdaleBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesCloverdale River Trail ExtensionComplete bike and pedestrian paths along Crocker Road/First Street connecting River Road and the Cloverdale River Trail and Cloverdale Blvd.River Rd @ Crocker Rd to Great Redwood Trail and Cloverdale Blvd. at First Street$1.9
CloverdaleBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesNorth Cloverdale Gateway ProjectComplete bike and pedestrian enhancement on North Cloverdale Blvd. from the Highway 128 intersection to North Street.North Cloverdale Blvd. from the Highway 128 intersection to North Street.$1.5
CloverdaleBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesSidewalk & bike lane completion on Cloverdale Blvd.Construct new sidewalks, pedestrian bridges and bike lanes along both sides of Cloverdale Blvd.Cloverdale Blvd from northern City Limit to southern City Limit.$2
CloverdaleBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesSidewalk improvements & traffic calmingConstruct sidewalk bulb-outs and improve crossswalks on Cloverdale Blvd. from Lake Street to Franklin StreetCloverdale Blvd from Lake Street to Franklin Street$0.8
CloverdaleBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesSouth Cloverdale Gateway ProjectComplete bike and pedestrian enhancements at the South Cloverdale Blvd./Highway 101 overcrossingSouth Cloverdale Blvd./Highway 101 overcrossing$5
CloverdaleBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesSouth Cloverdale River TrailComplete bike and pedestrian paths creating the South Cloverdale River Trail (Asti Road and river frontage) connecting to the Great Redwood Trail & Cloverdale Airport.Asti Road and river frontage from Crocker Road/First Street to Cloverdale Airport$0.5
CloverdaleBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesSouth Downtown Multimodal Enhancement ProjectConstruct "Complete Streets" bike & pedestrian facilities by expanding sidewalks, constructing new curb ramps, adding crosswalks and bike lanesSouth Cloverdale Blvd between Lake Street and Franklin Street$2.5
CotatiBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesWest Cotati Avenue SidewalksClosing key gaps in sidewalk between 116 (site of significant pending commercial/residential development) and a key east/west pedestrian cooridor under US 101 at Clifford, including a school connection to Thomas Page Academy on West Cotati Avenue.Hwy 116 to Clifford Avenue, West School Street from Richardson to Clifford Avenue.$1.6
HealdsburgBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesADA UpgradesSidewalk repair, gap closures, and ramp upgrades.City-wide$8
HealdsburgBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesFoss Creek Pathway Class IIClass 2 (Bike Lanes)Healdsburg Ave. Northern City Limits to Grove St./Healdsburg Ave. Intersection$1.3
HealdsburgBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesFoss Creek Segments 9 & 10Construction of Class 1 pathway (ped and bike)From terminus of Segment 8 at the intersection of Grove and HBG Ave to the City Limit$3.5
PetalumaBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesCitywide safety, bicycle and pedestrian improvementsPetaluma$10
PetalumaBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesLynch Creek Trail RehabilitationProject includes the reconstruction of Lynch Creek Trail which includes a 10' wide concrete multi use trail, signing striping and new lightingLynch Creek Trail from Prince Park to the Petaluma River$7
PetalumaBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesPetaluma River TrailConstruct a multi-use bicycle and pedestrian path from shollenber Park to the NWP trail at the petluma River including path and under the SMART rail line and Highway 101Shollenberger Park to the NWP trail at the petluma River including path and under the SMART rail line and Highway 101$15
RCPABicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesCountywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Signage ProgramDevelop and implement a countywide bicycle and pedestrian signage program based on recommendations in the SCTA Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, 2014 Update. Program would facilitate and encourage bike/ped access to/from major centers of activity (SMART, transit hubs, employment centers, shopping centers, schools).Countywide$0.5
Rohnert ParkBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesCentral Rohnert Park PDA Complete Streets ImprovementsVarious improvements within the Central Rohnert Park Priority Development Area to improve active and multi-modal transportation, including but not limited to: enhanced pedestrian/bike crossings or infrastructure (over- or under-crossings or bridges) at arterials and/or the SMART rail line; traffic calming devices; traffic signal detection and/or ped/bike actuation; median, sidewalk, curb and gutter improvements including bulbouts, pedestrian safety islands; striping and pavement markings; street furniture and amenities including bike storage; bus stop amenities; wayfinding signage.Various locations in Central Rohnert Park PDA, bounded by Highway 101 on the west, SMART railroad on the east, and Avram Avenue on the south$6
Rohnert ParkBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesEnhanced Bike/Pedestrian Crossings at NWP RailroadEnhanced Bike/Pedestrian Crossings at NWP RailroadIntersection of NWP Railroad (SMART Rail) at Southwest Boulevard, Rohnert Park Expressway, Hinebaugh Creek, and Golf Course Drive$2
Rohnert ParkBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesHighway 101 Bicycle/Pedestrian CrossingBike/pedestrian bridge crossing of Highway 101, location to be determined through Measure M funded feasibility studyTBD$7
Rohnert ParkBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesTrail to Crane Creek Regional ParkConstruction of a multi-use trail connecting Water Tank No. 8 service road east of Petaluma Hill Road to Crane Creek Regional Park.Water Tank #8 Service Road to Crane Creek Regional Park$2.9
Santa RosaBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesCitywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects 1st Phase - Plan UpdateConstruct bicycle and pedestrian projects based on the results of the studies conducted in the Climate Adaptation, Technology and Innovative Solutions (Transportation Initiatives) programmatic project implementing Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan prioritiesCitywide, such as Fourth St/College Ave, Stony Point Rd, Northeast connections and Roseland Creek trail.$6
Santa RosaITS & New TechnologiesClimate Adaptation Technology Innovation Transport InitiativesProgrammatic efforts to address Climate adaptation - Improve transit corridor efficiency reducing per-trip travel time and per-capita CO2 emissions. Continue to implement emission reduction technologies to improve the flow of traffic and adapt to emerging technology related to mobility options (autonomous vehicles) with the deployment of ITS technology, upgraded signal controllers. Complete First Phase active transportation corridor studies identified in the Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Update 2018 (BPMPU 2018) Implement Short term Implementation goals identified in the BPMPU 2018, such as Vision Zero, safe routes to school, first & last mile connections to transit & rail, regional bike share, bike & pedestrian safety & education activities. Ongoing programs to support these transportation initiatives. This project also includes intersection improvements, transit improvements, bicycle and pedestrians facilities and emission reduction technologies. Total cost estimate ~ $6.5Corridors and intersections throughout the city, citywide programs$6.5
Santa RosaBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesEast West Bicycle and Pedestrian ConnectionsPhase 1 - This project proposes to construct a bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing of US Highway 101 in northern Santa Rosa, connecting the Mendocino Avenue high-frequency transit corridor and Santa Rosa Junior College Campus with the Coddingtown Transit Hub and North Santa Rosa SMART Station area. This project has been identified as a high-priority project in City public engagement and planning processes for the past 25 years, and since 2010 substantial work has been completed to move the project forward towards the construction phase, including completion of a Caltrans Project Initiation Document (PID) and funding of the environmental and design phases of the project. With the 2017 initiation of SMART rail service to the North Santa Rosa Station within ½ mile of the proposed overcrossing, and concurrent improvement of Santa Rosa CityBus bus service to the Mendocino Avenue Corridor and Coddingtown Transit Hub, this overcrossing has grown in importance for connecting bicyclists and pedestrians with important transit facilities to the east and west of US 101 in Santa Rosa. ($14.0 M)- 2022_x000D_
Phase 2 - Construct a bike and pedestrian at grade crossing at Jennings Avenue @ SMART ($5.0 M) - 2025_x000D_
Phase 3 - Install bike lanes on Steele Lane/Guerneville Road ($5.0 M) - 2030
Bicycle and Pedestrian bridge over Highway 101 connecting SMART station and Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), Jennings Avenue crossing at SMART, bicycle lane gap closures on Guerneville Road/Steele Lane$24
Santa RosaBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesSoutheast Greenway Multi Use Path and CrossingsProvide continuous pedestrian, bicycle, and non-motorized transportation connections from Spring Lake Regional Park to Farmers Lane and links to downtown Santa Rosa, surrounding neighborhoods and schools, and the regional trail system. This project could also include multimodal streetscape improvements at crossings.The proposed project would result in a multi use pathway and crossings within the 57-acre area that spans a 1.9-mile linear path from Farmers Lane/State Route (SR) 12 to Spring Lake Regional Park.$20
Santa RosaMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsSoutheast Santa Rosa Multi Modal Resiliency Corridor Enhancement - Bike/PedPhase 1 - Pedestrian and bicycle enhancements and safety enhancements at 4th Street and Hwy 12/Farmers Lane. ($8.0 M) - 2030
Phase 4 - Construct a shared use bike and pedestrian path (Taylor Mountain Regional Park Trail) from Bennett Valley Road/Farmers Lane to Petaluma Hill Road/Yolanda Avenue ($10.0 M) - 2045
Farmers Lane between the intersection of Bennett Valley Road and Farmers Lane and the intersection of Petaluma Hill Road and Yolanda Avenue, Yolanda Avenue between Petaluma Hill Road and Santa Rosa Avenue, Fourth Street at Farmers Lane and Taylor Mountain Regional Park Trail parallel to Farmers Lane$18
SCTABicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesCountywide Expansion of Micromobility and first/last mileExpand Bikeshare and other shared micromobility to all communities in Sonoma County. Includes the development of a comprehensive micro-mobility strategy to increase access to clean, affordable, reliable transportation options for rural communities in Sonoma County. Research best practices and emerging trends in micro-mobility; identify potential solutions for different place types (small city; large city; etc.); identify implementation resources (funding, expertise, etc.).Sonoma countywide$90
SCTABicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesSafe Routes to SchoolSafe Routes to School - 60 school locations in Sonoma County60 Schools in Sonoma County$26
SebastopolBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesAlternate West Route to SebastopolImprove a west side routing to connect SR 116 south of Sebastopol with Bodega Highway west of Sebastopol utilizing a number of alternate routes such as Pleasant Hill Road, Bloomfield Road, and possibly others$5
SebastopolBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesWest Sebastopol Active Transport PlanBodega Ave - Ragle Road - Mill Station Road: Bicycle and pedestrian access - west routeSebastopol and unincorporated county$8.3
SonomaMultimodal Streetscape ImprovementsCitywide safety, bicycle and pedestrian improvements$2
Sonoma CountyBicycle and Pedestrian Facilities8th Street East Corridor Improvements 1: Sonoma/Schellville TrailConnects the City of Sonoma bike path to the Sonoma County Bay Trail. Follows the abandoned railroad right of way. Regional NetworkSonoma City Limits to Dale Ave.$7
Sonoma CountyBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesBodega Bay TrailProvides a 3 mile long Class I bike path alternative to Highway 1. 1.1 miles have been completed from Keefe Avenue to the Bodega Bay Community Center. The County will complete the remaining 1.9 miles.Parallels the Highway 1 corridor starting at Keefe Avenue and ending the County's Birdwalk Coastal Access Trail$7.7
Sonoma CountyBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesMirabel Road Corridor Improvements 1: West County Trail ExtensionConnects downtown Forestville with Forestville Youth ParkPajaro Lane to Forestville Youth Park$3
Sonoma CountyBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesMirabel Road Corridor Improvements 2: River Rd. to Hwy 116Widening for pedestrian & bike facilitiesRiver Rd. to Hwy 116$12.1
Sonoma CountyBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesRussian River TrailRegional Class I bike path along the middle and lower reach of the Russian River. The approximate length is 23 miles.Healdsburg city limits to Highway 1$27
Sonoma CountyBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesSonoma Valley Trail (aka Central Sonoma Valley Trail)Provides a 13.80 mile long Class I bike path alternative to Highway 12 between Santa Rosa and Sonoma. 0.42 miles have been completed. The County will complete the remaining 13.38 miles.Along the Highway 12 corridor from Santa Rosa city limits to Sonoma city limits$26
WindsorBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesDowntown Ped & Bike Crossing of US 101 Phase 1 - Underpass WidenImproving existing US 101 underpass by widening the space under US 101 using new tie-back walls and adding Class I paths with protected two-way bike lanes and widened pedestrian paths. Improvements also include new lighting, landscaping, color and artwork.Old Redwood Highway from US 101 NB on-ramp to Conde Lane$7
WindsorBicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesDowntown Ped & Bike Crossing of US 101 Phase 2 - OvercrossingImproving east and west connectivity of central Windsor with a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over crossing US 101 with touchdown areas at each end of the bridge.Los Amigos Road to Old Redwood Highway over US 101$16.6

Presentations on Go Sonoma are scheduled for each jursidiction in Sonoma County. Get materials from past meetings and learn about upcoming meetings below:

Date Jurisdiction Materials
6/1/2020 Sonoma Presentation, Info Sheet
6/9/2020 County of Sonoma Presentation, Info Sheet
6/9/2020 Rohnert Park Presentation, Info Sheet
6/9/2020 Cotati Presentation, Info Sheet
6/10/2020 Cloverdale Presentation, Info Sheet
6/15/2020 Petaluma Presentation, Info Sheet
6/16/2020 Santa Rosa Presentation, Info Sheet
6/16/2020 Sebastopol Presentation, Info Sheet
6/17/2020 Windsor Presentation, Info Sheet
6/22/2020 Healdsburg Presentation, Info Sheet