Measure M Projects

Highway 101 Project #1 – Wilfred

Rohnert Park Expressway in Rohnert Park to Santa Rosa Avenue

Project Scope101-project-1

  • Reduce recurrent congestion
  • Upgrade highway facility to current standards

Project Delivery Strategy
The Initial Study/Environmental Assessment was completed in June 2004. SCTA used $13.1 Million in Measure M – 101 funds to leverage $59.9 Million in other fund sources to complete the roadway portion of the project. A separate landscaping project is needed.

Phase A – Highway 101 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes (Rohnert Park Expressway to Santa Rosa Avenue)

  • Reduce recurrent congestion on Highway 101 by constructing a northbound and southbound HOV lane
  • Construct a new southbound collector-distributor road between Santa Rosa Avenue and Wilfred Avenue.
  • Construct auxiliary lanes from Rohnert Park Expressway to Wilfred Avenue/Golf Course Drive Interchange and northbound Wilfred Avenue/Golf Course Drive to Santa Rosa Avenue
  • Upgrade existing freeway to current standards by widening shoulders, improve freeway ramps, and correcting the highway profile to improve sight distance
  • Improve local circulation by constructing a new freeway underpass, connecting Wilfred Avenue and Golf Course Drive
  • Rehabilitate existing highway
  • Install intelligent Transportation System devices including closed circuit television cameras, changeable message signs, and traffic monitoring stations

Phase L – Landscaping
Provide landscaping throughout the State Highway’s right-of-way.

Wilfred Status / Schedule –
Landscaping is not currently programmed. SCTA is seeking funding opportunities for landscaping along the Highway 101 Corridor.

Project Status / Schedule –
The project started construction in May 2009 and was completed in June 2013.

Underlined text indicates completed work.

Funding (in thousands):

Phase Total Measure M Other* Need
A $73,012 $13,119 $59,893 $0
L $2,750 $0 $0 $2,750
Totals $75,762 $13,119 $59,893 $2,750

*Other funding includes State Bond (CMIA) and STIP (RTIP) funds.