Measure M Projects

Highway 101 Project #2 – North

Steele Lane in Santa Rosa to Windsor River Road in Windsor

Project Scope

  • Reduce recurrent congestion
  • Upgrade highway facility to current standards
  • Construct soundwalls in Windsor

Project Delivery Strategy
The Environmental Assessment/Environmental Impact Report (EA/EIR) was completed in October 2007. Due to funding constraints, SCTA has initiated a phased strategy to deliver the project. The first phase of the project. Phase A, completed construction in 2010 and added High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV or carpool) lanes in both directions from Steele Lane to Windsor River Road. Phase B completed construction in June 2015 and included interchange improvements at the Airport Boulevard and Fulton Road interchange complex, as well as sound walls along Highway 101 in the Town of Windsor. SCTA combined Phase B with the Measure M – LSP program project to replace the Highway 101 overcrossing bridge at Airport Boulevard. Phase L provides for landscaping within the State Highway’s right-of-way. SCTA used $31.8 Million in Measure M – 101 funds and $9 Million in Measure M – LSP funds to leverage $157 Million in other fund sources.
In addition, the Steele Lane Interchange Project (Phase S) was included as an early phase of the North project. This project was completed in 2008.

Project Details
Phase A – Highway 101 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes (Steele Lane to Windsor River Road)

  • Reduce recurrent congestion on Highway 101 by constructing a northbound and southbound HOV lane
  • Upgrade existing freeway to current standards by widening shoulders and ramp improvements
  • Rehabilitate existing highway
  • Extend auxiliary lanes from north of Steele Lane to Bicentennial Way
  • Intelligent Transportation System devices including closed circuit television cameras, changeable message signs, traffic monitoring stations, and a highway advisory radio system.

North A Status / Schedule
The project started construction in October 2008 and was completed in December 2010.

Phase B – Airport Boulevard & Fulton Road Interchange Improvements & Windsor Soundwalls

  • Replace Airport Boulevard Overcrossing with a new 5 lane structure (4 travel lanes and one turn lane) and construct on and off ramps to serve all directions of travel – see Airport Boulevard Local Street Project (LSP)-Phase 4.
  • Close Fulton Road ramps to/from Highway 101 to reduce weaving on Highway 101
  • Construct sound walls at various locations on Highway 101, between Shiloh Road and Windsor River Road

North B Status / Schedule
The project started construction in October 2012 and was completed in June 2015.

Phase L – Landscaping

  • Provide landscaping throughout the State Highway’s right-of-way.

Phase L Status / Schedule –
Landscaping is not currently programmed. SCTA is seeking funding opportunities for landscaping along the Highway 101 Corridor.

Phase S – Steele Lane Interchange
Reconstruct the Steel Lane Interchange on Highway 101 in Santa Rosa.

Phase S Status / Schedule –
This project completed construction in 2008 as an early phase of the North project.

Underlined text indicates completed work.

Funding (in thousands):

Phase Total Measure M Other* Need
A $111,476 $15,177 $96,299 $0
B $53,933 $11,605 $42,328 $0
S $23,929 $4,938 $18,991 $0
L $2,275 $50 $0 $2,225
Totals $191,613 $31,770 $157,618 $2,225

*Other funding includes Measure M-LSP Funds ($8,959 K), Federal, State Bond (CMIA & SLPP), STIP (SHOPP & RTIP) and  County funds ($7,434K).