Highway 101

Measure M contributes 40% percent of its revenue to the Highway 101 corridor. SCTA seeks to create a safe, convenient, free flowing Highway 101 with a less intense rush hour traffic that moves at a steady pace.

Passed in 2004, Measure M designates 40 percent of its sales tax revenue to the Highway 101 program, which is nearing completion.  The Highway 101 program consists of a series of projects along the corridor to build a continuous HOV lane from the Marin County line to Windsor.

An important milestone was reached in the ongoing effort to alleviate traffic congestion on Highway 101 in Sonoma County.  On Dec 2, 2021, the final gap in the in the carpool lanes between the Marin County border and downtown Windsor was completed, creating an uninterrupted 30-mile stretch of HOV lane on northbound Highway 101 in Sonoma County.  The southbound direction is anticipated to be complete December 2022.

Highway 101 Program Projects


Estimated Funding

Highway 101, Wilfred —> SCTA $13.1 Million
Highway 101, North —> SCTA $39.4 Million
Highway 101, Central —> SCTA $41.4 Million
Highway 101, Marin Sonoma Narrows —> SCTA $82.4 Million