Highway 101

Measure M contributes 40% percent of its revenue to the Highway 101 corridor. SCTA seeks to create a safe, convenient, free flowing Highway 101 with a less intense rush hour traffic that moves at a steady pace.

As part of Measure M, SCTA developed a program of six Highway 101 HOV projects that would not only create a continuous HOV lane from the Marin County line to Windsor, but would also address operational and safety problems throughout the corridor. A separate environmental document for each HOV project has been certified and construction completed on three of the four projects.



Estimated Funding

Highway 101, Wilfred —> SCTA $13.1 Million
Highway 101, North —> SCTA $39.4 Million
Highway 101, Central —> SCTA $41.4 Million
Highway 101, Marin Sonoma Narrows —> SCTA $82.4 Million

These documents have been saved using the Portable Document Format (PDF). A free copy of PDF viewer can be downloaded here.