Measure M Projects: Local Streets

Farmers Lane Extension

This project will construct a new street carrying regional and local traffic from the intersection of Bennett Valley Road and Farmers Lane, in Santa Rosa, to Petaluma Hill Road at Yolanda Avenue, a distance of approximately two miles.

Project Details:
With the addition of the new street, Farmers Lane Extension will reduce delays and associated air pollution, decrease traffic volumes on neighborhood streets and provide a connection for bicycle traffic from Petaluma Hill Road to northeastern Santa Rosa. It will also serve both regional and local traffic accessing the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and shopping areas. Based on funding availability, the project could be constructed in phases from Bennett Valley Road to Kawana Springs Road (Phase I), and Kawana Springs Road to Yolanda Avenue (Phase 2).Project Status / Schedule
The environmental phase is completed for the entire project. Design and Right-of-way are near completion, but there is a shortfall in funds available for construction. Due to the construction funding shortfall, work on Farmers Lane has been temporarily suspended.  Construction of a housing development within the western half of phase 2 started in late 2017 and continues in the summer of 2018.  All work on the housing development is proceeding without Measure M funds.

Measure M Programming Capacity
The City of Santa Rosa has programmed $437K of the $10 Million in Measure M – LSP funds identified in the Measure M Expenditure Plan ($9,563K remaining).

Project Sponsor:
City of Santa Rosa

Rohnert Park
Santa RosaPetaluma

Funding (in thousands):

Total Measure M-LSP City Need
$47,461 $437 $11,424 $35,600