Measure M Projects: Local Streets

Forestville Bypass

The project would realign an “S” curve on Highway 116 and construct channelization widening and signalization or roundabouts at the intersections of Highway 116/Packing House and Highway 116/Mirabel. The project would relieve congestion through downtown Forestville and improve safety.

Additional Project Details:
The County has implemented a phased delivery schedule for the Forestville Bypass project as detailed below.

Phase 1 – Reconstruct State Route 116 between Mirabel Road westerly to Hidden Lake Road, including construction of a Roundabout at the intersection of SR 116 and Mirabel Road
Project Status/Schedule
The preliminary engineering and environmental phases of the project are substantially complete. Right of Way acquisition was delayed by litigation, which has been resolved, however, completion of right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation is not anticipated before 2021.  The construction schedule is to be determined, dependent on securing funding.

Phase 2 – Construct a State Route 116 Bypass in Forestville, from Mirabel Road to Packing House Road, including a signal or roundabout at Packing House Road
Project Status/Schedule
Some preliminary environmental studies and right-of-way acquisition has occurred. Due to inadequate funding and local opposition this project is on hold indefinitely.

Measure M Programming Capacity:
The County has programmed all $2 Million of the project’s Measure M – LSP funding identified in the Measure M Expenditure Plan for Phase 1 work, and there is no Measure M capacity remaining for this project.

Project Sponsor:
Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works

Town of Forestville
County of Sonoma

Funding (in thousands):

Phase Total

Measure M-LSP

County Need
1 $14,752


$7,752 $5,000
2 TBD $0 $0 TBD