Measure M Projects: Local Streets

Old Redwood Highway Interchange in Petaluma – (COMPLETED)

This project would construct a replacement interchange for the Old Redwood Highway/101 interchange with wider ramps, wider overcrossing, and improved signalization. This project is both a safety and congestion relief project.

Project Details:
This project upgrades the Old Redwood Highway/101 interchange in Petaluma to meet current design standards and current and future traffic requirements. The interchange modification includes replacing the existing Old Redwood Highway Overcrossing with a new four lane bridge with bicycle lanes and sidewalks on both sides and enhanced signalization at the intersections.  The on an off ramps are realigned and widened in include High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) bypass lanes.  California Highway Patrol enforcement areas, and ramp metering. This project is also referred to as the Central C project in the Highway 101 program since it has both Highway 101 fund and Local Street Project funds included in the project budget.

Project Status / Schedule
Construction started in February 2013 and was completed in June 2016. Completion of mitigation monitoring and project closeout is expected in 2019.  For more information see the Highway 101 Central programming information sheet.

Measure M Programming Capacity – The City of Petaluma has programmed all $10 Million in Measure M – LSP funds identified in the Measure M Expenditure Plan.

Project Sponsors:
City of Petaluma

Sonoma County (unincorporated)
City of Petaluma

Funding (in thousands):

Total Measure M-LSP Other* Need
$38,228 $10,000 $28,228 $0

*OTHER includes Measure 101, State Bond (SLPP), and City fund sources.