Measure M Projects

Rail Project

Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit

Expenditure Plan Description:

Complete initial steps to accelerate the development of passenger rail service for Sonoma and Marin Counties including environmental clearance, final engineering, grade crossing improvements and station site development.

Additional Project Details:
SMART is a passenger rail and bicycle pedestrian path way project located in Marin and Sonoma counties along the Northwestern Pacific (NWP) rail corridor. The ultimate SMART corridor would provide train service between Larkspur in Marin County to Cloverdale in Sonoma County, a distance of 70-miles. Since the passage of Measure M, which provided an initial fund source for SMART, voters in Marin and Sonoma County passed Measure Q, a 20-year 1/4 cent sales tax dedicated to the SMART project. SMART is being delivered in phases.

Phase 1 or the Initial Operating Segment (IOS) – Downtown San Rafael to North Santa Rosa (42-Miles)
The IOS will have stations at the following ten locations:

  • • San Rafael – Downtown
  • • San Rafael – Marin Civic Center
  • • Novato – Hamilton
  • • Novato – San Marin / Atherton
  • • Petaluma – Downtown
  • • Cotati – East Cotati Avenue
  • • Rohnert Park – Rohnert Park Expressway
  • • Santa Rosa – Railroad Square
  • • Santa Rosa – Guerneville Road
  • • Santa Rosa – Sonoma County Airport

SMART has purchased 7-two car train sets, each with capacity for 158 seated passengers, 160 standing passengers and 24 bicycles. Trains will operate in both directions every 30-minutes during peak commute hours, with mid-day and weekend service planned. Trains will reach a top speed of 79 mph, with average speed (including stops) of 40 mph.

Project Status / Schedule:
Construction of the SMART Phase 1 project started in January 2012 with signals replacement and in May 2012 with track reconstruction. Since the 2011 Measure M Strategic Plan, SMART has added several elements within Sonoma County in the Phase 1 project. These elements include two stations (Santa Rosa – Guerneville Road and Sonoma County Airport), 5.9 miles of reconstructed track and new systems work from Santa Rosa Railroad Square north to Airport Boulevard, and purchase of the 7th two car train set to enable frequent services to the two new stations. Phase 1 train service is scheduled to
commence in 2016.

Phases TBD
Project Status / Schedule
SMART is working on funding plans and a schedule for delivering additional operational segments of the SMART passenger rail project. In 2013, SMART’s Phase 2 South (San Rafael to Larkspur) project has been allowed entry into the Federal Transit Administration’s Project Development phase for the “New Starts/Small Starts” program.

Project Funding (in thousands):

Phase Total Measure M Other Need
1-IOS TBD $15,954 TBD $0
Totals TBD $15,954 TBD TBD

SMART is in the process of updating their financial plan.

Measure M Programming Capacity:
SMART has programmed $15,954K of Measure M – Passenger Rail funds identified in the Measure M Expenditure Plan. The rail program (5% of Measure M) is currently projected to yield $21,513K in Measure M ($5,559K remaining).

Project Sponsor: