Charting a course for transportation investments for the next 25 years.

The SCTA works with the local jurisdictions to provide countywide transportation planning to help meet demands and improve Sonoma County’s transportation system. We produce long range documents including the Comprehensive Transportation Plan and the Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The SCTA also assists local jurisdictions in local specific plans, like Station Area Plans around transit stations and Priority Development Area plans for transit oriented and walkable communities.

Comprehensive Transportation Plan

The SCTA Comprehensive Transportation Plan takes the long view on transportation. It is a 25 year plan, that we update every 4 or 5 years. With assistance and insight from our advisory committees, the SCTA takes stock of the current conditions, coordinates with the cities and the County to determine needs, analyzes trends, sets goals and helps prioritize projects throughout Sonoma County. Read More | Map of Sonoma County Disadvantaged Communities (New)

Sonoma County Travel Behavior Study

SCTA partnered with local jurisdictions in 2019 to conduct a countywide travel behavior study. The final study is now complete and uses “big data”, including mobile phone data, GPS location, and travel data to gather information on travel flows, trip lengths, travel modes, major destinations, trip purposes, and other travel information. The data collected through this study will help update the Sonoma County Travel Model, and support plan updates, studies, and grant applications. Read the Final Study

Transit Integration and Efficiency Study

SCTA collaborated with a consulting team, MTC, and the three local bus operators, Petaluma Transit, Sonoma County Transit, and Santa Rosa CityBus, to develop the study. TIES identifies opportunities to coordinate or integrate many aspects of providing transit service among the three local bus transit providers in Sonoma County. The goals of integration are to deliver more seamless transit service in the county to improve the experience for riders and make transit a competitive choice for travel; make it more efficient for the agencies to deliver quality service; and provide a cost savings for transit agencies. Read the Final Study and Appendices

Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplan

The SCTA works with cities and the County to keep the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan updated. Bike related documents including bike facility planning maps, bike count reports, and  the Analysis of the Economic Benefits of Walking and Biking have all been completed in recent years. Read More

Priority Development Area Investment and Growth Strategy Update

The purpose of a PDA Investment & Growth Strategy is to ensure that local transportation agencies like the SCTA have a transportation project priority-setting process for OBAG 2 funding that supports and encourages development in the region’s PDAs, and the goals of Plan Bay Area. The update was adopted on June 12, 2017. Read More