Projects: Moving Forward 2050

The SCTA maintains an updated planning document to provide a list of projects to be included in the next Regional Transportation Plan (Plan Bay Area 2050); and to document a prioritized list of projects for potential future sources of funding (including a possible local sales tax measure).


Moving Forward 2040, the CTP adopted in 2016, has over 330 transportation projects identified. This list needs to be updated to reflect the changed time period, eliminate already built projects and add new projects. Projects that have not been built may require review for changes in description, scope and budget. The existing list of projects includes a variety of project types including maintenance and rehabilitation projects in need of updating. All transportation projects of over $1 million should be submitted for consideration in the CTP.

The CTP will include bike/ped projects by reference to the Countywide Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan. If you have a bike/ped project for the CTP that is not in the Countywide Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan, please discuss with SCTA staff. All new bike/ped projects over $1 million should be submitted in a New Projects Application.

SCTA staff will be working through the Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee to update the Countywide Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan project list. All bike/ped projects under $1 million will be generalized into appropriate categories with aggregate costs.


The CTP call for projects is also an opportunity to identify priority projects for your jurisdiction that you would like to see considered for inclusion in a possible sales tax expenditure plan. You may submit up to ten projects per jurisdiction and across all modes and must rank these projects from 1 to 10 with 1 being the highest priority.


The New Projects Application is an interactive PDF to submit new projects for inclusion in the CTP. For maintenance projects, most jurisdictions already have one or more maintenance projects on the existing CTP project list, which should be updated. Jurisdictions that do not already have an existing road maintenance project should consider adding one using the New Projects Application.

Required fields are in red italics


Project Sponsor         Department

Primary Contact

Phone number            E-Mail Address

Second Contact

Phone Number           E-Mail Address


Maintenance projects will be addressed as part of the updates of existing CTP projects.

Project name – limited to 65 characters.
Description – please be thorough but concise.
Project map – email to
Project Type field includes a list of options. The options with examples are listed below. Please select one that most closely describes your project.
Highway Improvements – highway extension or new lane, interchange modification
Roadway Improvements – local road extension or new lane
Intersection Improvements – intersection channelization; intersection signalization at individual intersections
Transit Improvements – Non Capital (e.g. expansions to service; non-capital improvements)
Transit Capital Projects – vehicles, bus shelters, transit facilities; ADA compliance
Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities – new and extended bike and pedestrian facilities
ITS and New Technologies – incident management; signal coordination
Travel Demand Management – shared mobility, parking programs, carpool/vanpool, ridesharing activities, information, marketing and outreach, traveler information, and education
Multi-model Streetscape Improvements – bicycle and/or pedestrian facility gap closure, ADA compliance, landscaping, lighting, streetscape improvements, road diet, complete streets
Emission Reduction Technologies – alternative fuel vehicles and facilities


Year of Construction/Year of Implementation – should be as specific as possible if the project is anticipated to be implemented in the next 10 years.
Estimated Cost – Cost of the project should be calculated in year of expenditure, and entered in millions. Every project must have some cost listed.
Annual costs –  Yes/No
Amount of identified funds
Sources of identified funds


Identify projects you would like to be included in the Measure M renewal expenditure plan.

Measure M renewal – yes/no. You may submit up to ten projects for all modes except transit for inclusion and must rank these projects from 1 to 10 with 1 the highest and 10 the lowest priority. You may submit and rank 5 additional transit only projects.

Rank – The priority of this Measure M project relative to all Measure M projects you plan to submit with #1 being the highest priority and #10 being the lowest priority (#1 – #5 for transit). If you are not submitting a project for Measure M indicate with N/A.


If you are submitting multiple projects, you must fill out a separate application for each project. Once you have entered your contact information in the form, you may click a button to clear the project information only so that you can easily submit more than one application without having to re-enter your contact information each time.

CTP Project applications are due to SCTA by September 4, 2019. Submit your completed application by clicking on “Submit Form” in the upper right corner of the screen. Download the Moving Forward 2050 New Project Application (PDF)


SCTA will provide you with an excel spreadsheet containing your projects in the 2016 CTP.  The cells highlighted in green on the spreadsheet are the most in need of updating. Required fields are in red italics

Provide contact information for each jurisdiction

Carry forward project into the updated CTP Project List? – select YES to carry forward the project to the updated CTP. Otherwise SCTA will remove the project.
Measure M Project yes/no – identify existing projects you would like to be included in the Measure M renewal expenditure plan. You may identify up to ten projects total from your new and existing projects.
Measure M Priority – rank these projects from 1 to 10 with 1 the highest and 10 the lowest priority.
Project Type – select the project type that most closely reflects your project. Project types are listed on the spreadsheet and on the NEW PROJECTS section of these instructions.
Project Year – review and update if necessary.
Cost – review and update if necessary.
Amount of identified funds – review and update if necessary.
Source of identified funds – review and update if necessary.

You may also update other project information as needed; please highlight any cells that you change in addition to those listed above.


Email the updated spreadsheet with revisions for existing projects to by September 4, 2019.