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SponsorProject TypeProject NameDescriptionCost ($M)Known Funds ($M)Fund Source
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsBrickway/Laughlin Corridor ImprovementsAccess connection to the Airport Blvd. corridor with a new bridge80Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsOld Redwood Hwy/Fulton Intersection ImprovementsSignalization & Intersection Improvements20Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsVerano Ave - center turn lane from Arnold to HWY 12Corridor improvements - pedestrian, bike, transit20Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsAdobe/Corona Intersection ImprovementsSignalization & Intersection Improvements20Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsAlexander Valley/Healdsburg Ave Intersection ImprovementsIntersection Improvements (Roundabout)30Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsArnold/Madrone Intersection ImprovementsSignalization & Intersection Improvements20Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsPorter Creek Rd/Calistoga Rd/Petriforest Rd. Intersection ImproveIntersection Improvements30Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal Roads8th Street East widening Napa Rd to Napa StreetWidening30Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsHwy 116 Intersection Improvements (County portion)Signalization & Intersection Safety Improvements100Unknown
Sonoma CountyHighwayForestville bypass on Route 116Construct a State Route 116 Bypass in Forestville, from Mirabel road to Packing House Road, including intersection and traffic control improvements at Packing House Road.150Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsAirport Boulevard Widening Ordiance Road and Aviation BoulevardThis is Phase 1. 2) widens Brickway to LaughlinRd; 3) widens Airport Blvd between ORH and US 101; 4) Airport Blvd I/C #22191; 5) Widens Laughlin Rd to 2 lanes, controls at River Rd.500Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsMark West Springs Road/Porter Creek Road safety improvementsMultimodal safety improvements, such as localized widening, signage, safety beacons, and striping.50Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsMirabel Road and Route 116 signalization and ChannelizationConstruct roundabout at current intersection controlled by single stop sign.53Measure M, Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsRiver Road channelization and improvementsWiden River Road and construct left turn pockets at Argonne Way and at Trenton Road/Steelhead Beach park44Unknown
Sonoma CountyBridgesSonoma County Bridge Widening ProgramWiden existing one lane bridges throughout Unicorporated Sonoma County to two lanes1916.9Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsAdobe Road ReconstructionReconstruct or rehabilitate sections of Adobe Road Hwy 116 to Penngrove200Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsTodd Road ReconstructionWiden Todd Road to include General Plan requirements - reconstruct from Stony Point Road to Llano Road extend east to Petaluma Hill Road120Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsAlexander Valley Road Safety and Modal ImprovementsMultimodal safety improvements, such as localized widening, signage, safety beacons, and striping40Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal Roads8th Street East/Hwy 121 SignalizationInstall traffic signal system on Route 121 and improve channelization at 8th Street30Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsRiver Road Widening - Fulton to Old Redwood HwyRiver Rd/Mark West Springs – construct 2 additional lanes from Fulton to Old Redwood Hwy.70Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsLlano Road improvements & extensionLlano Road improvements, Hwy 116 to Occidental Road30Unknown
WindsorBike/WalkStarr Road Sidewalk Gap ClosureInstall a sidewalk on the east side of Starr Road btween Windsor River Road and Jaguar Way Extension, as identified in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.10
WindsorLocal RoadsJaguar Way Roadway (CIP 2015-2016)Provide a street link between Windsor Road and Starr Road, including access to Windsor High School. The project consists of one-half mile of new roadway improvements, including one travel lane in each direction, bike lanes, street lighting, sidewalks, and a bridge crossing at Starr Creek.50.0075Traffic Mitigation Fee
WindsorLocal RoadsOld Redwood Highway: Widen from Arata Lane to North Town LimitsWiden Old Redwood Highway between Arata Lane and the Northerly Town Limits. It is estimated that 50 percent of this project will be completed with private development.4.50.0075Traffic Mitigation Fee
WindsorHighwayArata Lane Interchange Phase 2B NB On-ramp (CIP FY 2016-2017)Construction of the Northbound on-ramp to US 101 will compelte the Arata Lane interchange with US 101. This proejct also includes the relocation of a portion of Los Amigos Road north of Arata Lane. Rights of way have been obtained in prior phases.40Federal, state, or regional funding
WindsorLocal RoadsOld Redwood Highway: Windsor Road to Arata LaneWiden Old Redwood Highway between Windsor Road and Arata Lane to include a center lane. It is estimated that 50 percent of this project will be completed with private development.130.0075Traffic Mitigation Fee
WindsorLocal RoadsOld Redwood Highway: Windsor Rd to Windsor River RdWiden Old Redwood Highway from Winsdor River Rd to Windsor Rd, including provision of bike lanes and sidewalk as well as drainage improvements and street lighting. It is estimated that 50% of these improvements will be constructed as part of adjacent private development projects.4.50.0075Traffic Mitagation fee
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsRiver/Mirabel Intersection ImprovementsSignalization or Roundabout & intersection improvements30Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsBodega Highway improvements west of SebastopolStraightens curves near Occidental and add turn pockets where needed.22
Sonoma CountyHighwayRealign Route 116 (Stage Gulch Road) along Champlin Creek and wid380
CloverdaleBike/WalkCloverdale River Trail1.88650
CloverdaleBike/WalkCitrus Fair DriveTrain Depot/Greenway Project1.40
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkCrocker Road Bicycle/Pedestrian BridgeBike/Pedestrian Bridge across Russian River20
CotatiBike/WalkWest Cotati Avenue Sidewalks1.58430
HealdsburgBike/WalkFoss Creek Pathway Class IClass 1 (Bike & Pedestrian Pathway)7.250.45Measure M/North So. Co. Air Pollution Control District
HealdsburgBike/WalkFoss Creek Pathway Class IIClass 2 (Bike Lanes)1.340
PetalumaBike/WalkPetaluma River Trail8.0920
PetalumaBike/WalkClass 2 bicycle lane segments citywideClass 2 bike lanes throughout Petaluma17.290
PetalumaBike/WalkAdobe Rd.1.50360
PetalumaBike/WalkLakeville Hwy0.9660
PetalumaBike/WalkPetaluma River Trail0
Rohnert ParkBike/WalkNew Bike/Pedestrian Crossings at NWP RailroadEnhanced bike/pedestrian crossings at intersections with streets and creeks0.60TBD
Rohnert ParkBike/WalkNew Bike/Pedestrian Path Crossing Hwy 101Bike/pedestrian over- or under- crossing of Highway 101 at Hinebaugh Creek, from approximately Commerce Boulevard (west of Highway 101 ) to approximately Redwood Drive (east of Hwy 101)30TBD
Rohnert ParkBike/WalkTrail to Crane Creek Regional ParkConstruction of a multi-use trail connecting Water Tank No. 8 service road east of Petaluma Hill Road to Crane Creek Regional Park.0.71130Open Space District Matching Grant
SebastopolBike/WalkState Route 116 Class II Bike LanesConstruction of Class 2 Bike Lanes on State Route 116 in the City of Sebastopol0.68580
SebastopolBike/WalkPetaluma-Sebastopol Trail Feasibility StudySebastopol share of local match requirement for feasibility study grant application by County of Sonoma.0.00520
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkBellevue Creek Trail and ConnectorProvides Highway 101 overcrossing. Connects to Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail and Rohnert Park "F" section.1.990.11Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkBodega Bay TrailProvides Class I bikeway alternative to Highway 1.7.712.05Park Mitigation Fees, Measure M, TDA Article 3, Coastal Impact Assistance Program, State Coastal Conservancy
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkSonoma Valley TrailProvides Class I alternative to Highway 12 between Sonoma and Santa Rosa. Regional Network.5.0560.309Caltrans, Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkCloverdale / Lake Sonoma TrailClass I connection between Cloverdale adjacent to Dutcher Creek Road2.0340TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkCloverdale River TrailClass I adjacent to Russian River. Connects to SMART Trail1.3720TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkColgan Creek Trail Extension East and WestConnection between Santa Rosa and Taylor Mountain Regional Park, and SMART Trail to Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail along SCWA flood control channel.0.8130.1Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkCopeland Creek TrailConnects Sonoma State University to Crane Creek Regional Park0.7220.03Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkDutch Bill Creek TrailClass I along portions of North Pacific Coast Railroad right-of-way. Connects Occidental to Russian River Trail at Monte Rio2.1850.6Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkLaguna de Santa Rosa TrailConstruct segments of Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail4.880.05Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkLaguna de Santa Rosa Trail ExtensionConnects end of Santa Rosa Creek Trail to Russian River2.2430TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkLarkfield / Wikiup TrailProvides Class I alternative to Old Redwood Highway between Windsor, Larkfield/Wikiup, and Santa Rosa. Regional Network1.540TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkMonte Rio / Willow Creek TrailProvides access to Russian River between Monte Rio and Coast. Portions of trail flood, summertime use only.3.0040
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkPetaluma / Sebastopol TrailFollows abandoned Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad right of way south of Highway 116 and west of Highway 101.4.4780.106Sebastopol, Petaluma, SCBC, Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkPetaluma Marsh TrailClass I alternative route to Lakeville Highway Class II4.420TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkRussian River TrailRegional Class I bikeway along the middle and lower reach of the Russian River11.4310.125Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkSalmon Creek TrailClass I bikeway along portions of North Pacific Coast Railroad right-of-way. Connects Occidental to Town of Bodega1.5140TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkSanta Rosa Creek Trail ExtensionConnects Prince Memorial Greenway to the Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail0.6560.02Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkSonoma / Schellville TrailConnects the City of Sonoma bike path to the Sonoma County Bay Trail. Follows the abandoned railroad right of way. Regional Network1.9150.909Measure M, Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkSonoma County Bay TrailSegments of the Bay Trail. Regional Network9.4770.169Park Mitigation Fees
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkWest County Trail ExtensionConnects downtown Forestville with Forestville Youth Park0.2670TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkPetaluma - Novato TrailAlternative to SMART Trail south of Petaluma proposed as part of Highway 101 Novato Narrows project1.1650TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/Walk8th St. EastConstruct 3.09 mile Class II bikeway2.3160TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkAdobe Rd.Construct 2.99 mile Class II bikeway2.2420TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkAlexander Valley Rd.Construct 3.83 mile Class II bikeway2.8740TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkArnold Dr.Construct 3.47 mile Class II bikeway2.60TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkBennett Valley Rd.Construct 2.08 mile Class II bikeway1.560TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkBodega Ave.Construct 2.08 mile Class II bikeway1.5570TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkBodega Hwy. Class II bikelanesConstruct 4.76 mile Class II bikelanes on Bodega Hwy.3.5740TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkDoran Beach Rd.Construct 2.22 mile Class II bikeway1.6690TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkDry Creek Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 10.07 mile Class II bikeway7.5520TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkEastside Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 5.18 mile Class II bikeway3.8840TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkFaught Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 2.55 mile Class II bikeway1.915TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkFrei Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 1.41 mile Class II bikeway1.0570TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkGeysers Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 2.59 mile Class II bikeway1.9450TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkGeyserville Ave. / Asti Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 7.76 mile Class II bikeway5.8210TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkLaguna Rd. / Old Trenton Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 1.39 mile Class II bikeway1.0410TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkLudwig Ave. Class II bikelanesConstruct 1.45 mile Class II bikeway1.0840TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkMark West Springs / Porter Creek Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 9.72 mile Class II bikeway7.2882.5Traffic Mitigation Funds, Active Transportation Program
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkMillbrae Ave. Class II bikelanesConstruct 1.31 mile Class II bikeway0.9860TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkOccidental Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 3.06 mile Class II bikeway2.2930TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkPepper Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 5.88 mile Class II bikeway4.4070TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkPetrified Forest Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 2.37 mile Class II bikeway1.7742.5Traffic Mitigation Funds, Active Transportation Program
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkPiner Rd. / Olivet Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 3.76 mile Class II bikeway2.8190TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkPleasant Hill Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 2.16 mile Class II bikeway1.6170TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkRoblar Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 6.5 mile Class II bikeway4.8720TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkSouth Wright Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 2.01 mile Class II bikeway1.040TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkState Hwy. 1 34.05 miles of Class II bikelanesConstruct 34.05 miles of Class II bikelanes17.7910TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkState Hwy. 116 North Class II bikelanesConstruct 19.09 miles of Class II bikelanes14.3110TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkState Hwy. 116 South Class II bikelanesConstruct 2.46 mile Class II bikeway1.8450TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkState Hwy. 12 Class II bikelanesConstruct 6.93 mile Class II bikeway5.1940TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkState Hwy. 121 Class II bikelanesConstruct 7.45 mile Class II bikeway5.5850TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkState Hwy. 128 23.58 miles of Class II bikelanesConstruct 23.58 miles of Class II bikelanes17.6830TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkTodd Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 5.02 mile Class II bikeway3.7680TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkTrenton Rd. / Healdsburg Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 1.32 mile Class II bikeway0.9890TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkWarm Springs Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 5.13 miles of Class II bikelanes3.8435980TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkWater Trough Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 1.71 mile Class II bikeway1.2790TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkWest Sierra Ave. Class II bikelanesConstruct 1.25 mile Class II bikeway0.9380TBD
Sonoma CountyBike/WalkWillowside Rd. Class II bikelanesConstruct 2.01 mile Class II bikeway1.510.75TDA Article 3, Active Transportation Program
WindsorBike/WalkOld Redwood Hwy - NBInstall bike lanes on NB Old Redwood Highway0.04320.04Traffic Mitigation Fee and General fund
WindsorBike/WalkIntersection Modification at Lakewood Drive/Old Redwood HighwayWiden Lakewood Drive on the east side from Brooks Road South to Old Redwood Highway to provide additional lanes in the southbound direction so that multiple turn lanes can be accommodated.20.075Traffic Mitigation Fee
WindsorBike/WalkOld Redwood Highway: Windsor Road to Arata LaneWiden ORH between Windsor Road and Arata Lane to include a center lane. It is estimated that 50 percent of this project will be completed with private development.130.075Traffic Mitigation Fee
SMARTBike/WalkSMART PathwayConstruction of Class 1 non-motorized pathway in discreet segments along and/or within the SMART right-of-way from Petaluma (Payran) to Cloverdale._x000D_
SMART Pathway segments from Petaluma (Payran) to Guerneville Road YOE cost estimated at $45.02m and SMART Pathway segments from Guerneville_x000D_
Road north in YOE cost estimated at $63.029m.
Sonoma CountyProgramsSafe Routes to SchoolSafe Routes to School - 60 school locations in Sonoma County268.75Federal Grants
SMARTBridgesSMART Rail Russian River Bridge ProjectRepai/Replace rail bridge to allow NCRA freight rail and SMART passenger service north to Healdsburg and NCRA owned tracks.300
Sonoma CountyLocal Roads RehabPavement Maintenance CountywideMaintenance of pavement - slurry, crack seal - surface treatment1200
CotatiLocal Roads RehabPavement Maintenance ProgramAnnual Rehabilitation Program for Local Streets in Cotati - $3.8M/yr is to reduce the backlog from $10.7M to $0.83M in the first 5 years ($19M total). Years 6-25, the on-going maintenance needs are about $1M/yr ($20M total). Total need for basic pavement maintenance over 25 years is $39M.39
HealdsburgLocal Roads RehabPavement Maintenance Program0
Rohnert ParkLocal Roads RehabPavement Maintenance ProgramAnnual preventive maintenance program to maintain PCI 74 for entire network over 25 years260
Rohnert ParkLocal Roads RehabMaintain Pavement System – Road RehabilitationRoad reconstruction as necessary to maintain PCI 74 for entire network over 25 years94.370
CloverdaleLocal Roads RehabPavement Maintenance ProgramCloverdale Annual Rehabilitation Program for Local Streets , including slurry seals, seal cracks, asphalt overlays and reconstruction24.8
SCTABike/WalkMSN - SMART PathwayConstruction of Class I and Class II bicycle facilities between S. Petaluma Blvd. and Atherton Station (Marin County)00
CountywideProgramsImplement Sonoma County Climate Initiatives program20
SCTAHighwayHighway 37 Improvements and Sea Level Rise Mitigation PSRStudy project elements and environmental impacts100
SCTAHighwayHighway 116 Widening and Rehabilitation btwn Sebastopol & CotatiRehabilitate and widen State Route 116; involves realignment, new shoulders and intersection improvements at various locations.837SHOPP
CotatiLocal Roads RehabOld Redwood Hwy rehab - Plaza to Gravenstein HwyThis project consists of widening Old Redwood Highway for safer bike lanes, sidewalks, and center island medians. Also includes various signal improvements to improve congestion.80Local street funds
CotatiHighwayUS 101/Highway 116 North Bound On-Ramp ImprovementsThis project is the creation of traditional north bound on-ramp for US 101 at the interchange with Highway 116. Highway 116 currently circulates through city streets to reach the US 101 north bound on-ramp at the intersection of Commerce Boulevard and Old Redwood Highway. This project will create a new leg from the existing US 101 south bound off ramp to provide a safer and more efficient path for traffic on Highway 116.100None
CotatiHighwayUS 101/West Sierra Avenue South Bound Off-Ramp ImprovementsThis project is the creation of a new south bound off ramp at West Sierra Avenue to improve transportation options for vehicles traveling south bound on US 101 by giving vehicles another option to access the Cotati/ southern Rohnert Park area, and relieving congestion at the US 101/116 interchange. Currently, no other south bound option exists between Highway 116 and Old Redwood Highway in Petaluma.100None
Rohnert ParkBike/WalkRohnert Park Class I Bike Paths ReconstructionReconstruction of existing Class I bike paths, replacing existing asphalt paths with concrete, at various locations in Rohnert Park.70
Rohnert ParkLocal RoadsEast Cotati Avenue ReconstructionReconstruction of East Cotati Avenue between Lancaster Drive and Snyder Lane.60
Rohnert ParkBike/WalkCentral Rohnert Park PDA Complete Streets ImprovementsVarious improvements within the Central Rohnert Park Priority Development Area to improve active and multi-modal transportation, including but not limited to: enhanced pedestrian/bike crossings or infrastructure (over- or under-crossings or bridges) at arterials and/or the SMART rail line; traffic calming devices; traffic signal detection and/or ped/bike actuation; median, sidewalk, curb and gutter improvements including bulbouts, pedestrian safety islands; striping and pavement markings; street furniture and amenities including bike storage; bus stop amenities; wayfinding signage.60
Rohnert ParkLocal RoadsDowdell Avenue ExtensionExtension of Dowdell Avenue between 750 feet south of Wilfred to Business Park Drive. Includes 2 travel lanes, bridge improvement at Business Park Drive, traffic light / improvements improvements at intersection of Business Park Drive, Class II bike lanes on both sides, sidewalks and landscaping. This project will help complete a roadway segment that is the preferred route for SCT’s buses1.871.87Developer funds
Rohnert ParkLocal RoadsRedwood Drive ReconstructionReconstruction of northbound Redwood Drive between Rohnert Park Expressway and Rohnert Park/Cotati City Limits and reconstruction of Redwood Drive between Rohnert Park/Cotati City Limits to Portal Street.2.90
Rohnert ParkLocal Roads RehabSouthwest Boulevard Overlays and Corridor ImprovementsOverlay of Southwest Boulevard and complete streets implementation as well as streetscape and urban design improvements to encourage bicycle and pedestrian use while accommodating vehicular traffic.1.10
Rohnert ParkLocal RoadsSnyder Lane Widening – Medical Center Dr to Golf Course DrRetain west side travel lanes, landscaping, sidewalk, curb and gutter; demolish east side travel lane and bikeway and replace with new, expanded road section with two travel lanes, Class II bike lane, landscaping strip and sidewalk. Includes three bridge widenings at Hinebaugh Creek, Five Creek and Crane Creek.6.135.5Developer funds
Rohnert ParkLocal RoadsKeiser Avenue ReconstructionReconstruction of Keiser Avenue between Snyder Lane and Petaluma Hill Road. Addition of Class II bike lanes on both sides, sidewalks and landscaping; traffic signal/intersection improvements at Snyder Lane and Petaluma Hill Road4.984.98Developer funds
Rohnert ParkLocal RoadsBodway Parkway ExtensionExtension of Bodway Parkway between Valley House Drive and East Railroad Avenue. The extension will include two travel lanes, a Class II bikeway on both sides of the street, sidewalks and a landscape strip.1.491.49Developer fees
Rohnert ParkBike/WalkCopeland Creek Bike/Ped Overcrossing at Highway 101Bike/pedestrian bridge overcrossing of Highway 101 at Copeland Creek60
Santa RosaLocal RoadsFulton Road - widening improvementsExpand bike, pedestrian, transit, and vehicle improvements in west Santa Rosa so that mobility options are available to all southwest Santa Rosa neighborhoods, an under served area. This project will provide environmental review and construction for the widening of Fulton Road from Guerneville Road to Piner Road including bike lanes and sidewalks.9Measure M
Santa RosaBike/WalkJennings Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Crossing at the SMART Corrconstruct a bicycle and pedestrian crossing at the SMART rail corridor and Jennings Avenue9.20
Santa RosaTech SolutionsEnergy Efficient Street LightingConvert existing steetlights to energy efficient lighting Citywide.3.60
Santa RosaHighwayHearn Ave @ Hwy 101 Interchange ImprovementsReconstruct the overcrossing and interchange at Hearn Avenue and Highway 101, including the addtion of turn lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks33.51.15Measure M
Santa RosaTech SolutionsITS Transit Corridors/Energy EfficiencyImprove transit corridors efficiency reducing per-trip travel time and per-capita CO2 emissions.Farmers Lane, Fulton Road and Santa Rosa Avenue3.30
Santa RosaLocal RoadsFarmers Lane ExtensionExpand bike, pedestrian, transit, and vehicle improvements in Southeast Santa Rosa. Construct new road with travel lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks.47.510Measure M
Santa RosaLocal RoadsSebastopol Rd Corridor Plan - from Olive St to Dutton Avetravel lanes, wide sidewalks, bike lanes, center turn lane or medians, street furniture8.2
Santa RosaBike/WalkHighway 12 Corridor - Farmers Lane to Spring Lake ParkPrepare EIR for Corridor (Potential Place Type designation).10
Santa RosaLocal RoadsIntersection Modification - 4th Street at Farmers Lane.Pedestrian and bicycle enhancements and safety enhancements at 4th Street and Hwy 12/Farmers Lane.7.30
Santa RosaBike/WalkN. Santa Rosa Stn Area/Jr College Bike/Ped Connector Over HWY 101Construct Bike/Ped Bridge Across Hwy 101 in the North Santa Rosa Station Area Specific Plan210.25Measure M
Santa RosaHighwayFulton Rd @ Hwy 12 InterchangeConvert the signalized intersection of Fulton Rd and Hwy 12 into a full interchange.27Measure M
Santa RosaHighwayBellevue Ave @ Hwy 101 ImprovementsExpand bike, pedestrian, transit, and vehicle improvements across Hwy 101 in south Santa Rosa so that mobility options are available to all south Santa Rosa neighborhoods, an under served area, and encourage a healthy climate for business and growth.20.80
Santa RosaHighwayTodd Rd @ Hwy 101 Interchange ImprovementsReconstruct the overcrossing and interchange at Todd Road and Highway 101, including the addtion of turn lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks41.20
Santa RosaLocal RoadsNew traffic signals/roundabouts - citywide in Santa RosaAnnual new traffic signals/roundabouts (Chanate Rd and Parker Hill Rd roundabout)20
Santa RosaLocal Roads RehabMaintain Transportation System Pavement -MaintenanceMaintenance of pavement - slurry, crack seal - surface treatment650
Santa RosaBridgesReplacement cost of bridgesCost of replacing bridges450
Santa RosaBridgesMaintain Transportation System - Bridge RehabilitationMaintain existing bridge system in a state of good repair Citywide.10
Santa RosaLocal Roads RehabMaintain Transportation System - Road RehabilitationRehabilitate existing transportation system in a state of good repair Citywide (reconstruction, thin mill overlay, full depth reclamation. Street Saver 25 years unconstraint PCI 63 - 734100
Santa RosaHighwayMendocino Ave / Hopper Ave - Hwy 101 InterchangeReconstruct the overcrossing and interchange at Mendocino Ave/Hopper Ave and Highway 101, including the addtion of turn lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks300
Santa RosaLocal RoadsDutton Meadows from Hearn Ave to Bellevue AveWiden and reconstruct, construct sidewalks and bike lanes4.80
Santa RosaLocal RoadsW. College Ave from Fulton Rd to Stony Point RdWiden and reconstruct (includes storm drain), construct sidewalks and bike lanes2.70
Santa RosaLocal RoadsWest Ave Reconstruct and Widen Sebastopol Rd to South AveReconstruct and widen road, construct sidewalks and bike lanes2.30
Santa RosaLocal RoadsFresno Avenue extension from Northpoint Pkwy to Ludwig AveConstruct new road between Northpoint Parkway and Ludwig Avenue6.60
Santa RosaLocal RoadsKawana Springs Rd widen from Santa Rosa Ave to Petaluma Hill RdWiden road, construct sidewalks and bike lanes3.40
Santa RosaLocal RoadsPetaluma Hill Rd - widen from Aston Ave to Santa Rosa City limitWiden road, construct sidewalks and bike lanes22.50
Santa RosaLocal RoadsBaker Overcrossing WidenOvercrossing320
Santa RosaLocal RoadsCorby Ave - widen from Baker Ave to Hearn AveWiden road, construct sidewalks and bike lanes8.60
Santa RosaLocal RoadsSebastopol Rd Corridor Plan - Dutton Ave to Stony Point RdConstruct travel lanes, wide sidewalks, bike lanes, center turn lane or medians, street furniture240
Santa RosaLocal RoadsStony Point Rd - widen from Hearn Ave to Santa Rosa City LimitsWiden to four lanes including sidewalks and bike lanes1914.6
Santa RosaLocal RoadsNorthpoint Pkwy - Extend from Fresno to S. WrightConstruct new road between Fresno and S. Wright Road10.50
Santa RosaLocal RoadsFresno Ave - Extend from Northpoint Pkwy to FinleyConstruct new road between Northpoint parkway and Finley Avenue.5.30
Santa RosaLocal RoadsPiner Rd from Marlow Rd to Fulton RdWiden road26.55
Santa RosaLocal RoadsSanta Rosa Avenue Corridor from Sonoma Avenue to Maple Avetravel lanes, wide sidewalks, bike lanes, center turn lane or medians, street furniture5.40
Santa RosaLocal RoadsRange Avenue traffic calming improvements /roundaboutsroundabouts30
Santa RosaLocal RoadsCoffey Lane extensionConstruct new road south of Guerneville Road1.10
Santa RosaLocal RoadsMendocino Avenue Corridor from Steele Lane to College Avenuetravel lanes, wide sidewalks, center turn lane or medians, street furniture70
Santa RosaLocal RoadsDowntown Pedestrian Linkages - 6th/7th/A Streetsroundabouts30
SonomaHighwayIntersection Improvements at SR12 Broadway and SR12 West Napa St.Improve this 4-way Stop intersection currently operating at LOS D. The intersection creates many points of conflict and motorist confusion, due to long pedestrian crossings and very busy pedestrian traffic in front of the Historic Sonoma Plaza.40STIP and Local
SonomaLocal RoadsMedian Safety Barrier Improvements at Fifth St. WestResolve Safety problem primarily at the intersection of Fifth St. West and Studley St. and Safeway egress. Install a median barrier with provision for business access.30STIP and Local
SonomaLocal RoadsIntersection Improvements at West Spain St. and Fifth St. WestImprove this 4-way Stop intersection currently operating at LOS E.20STIP and Local
SonomaLocal Roads RehabLocal Streets and Roads RehabilitationRehabilitation of Local Streets and Roads per Pavement Management System.100STIP and Local
SonomaHighwayIntersection Improvements at SR12 Sonoma Highway and West Napa StImprove this misaligned signaled intersection to better allow pedestrian traffic and improve vehicular turning movements.30STIP and Local
SonomaLocal RoadsIntersection Improvements at Fifth St. West and West MacArthur StImprove this 4-way Stop intersection currently operating at LOS C.1.50STIP and Local
CloverdaleLocal Roads RehabCloverdale Downtown streets improvementRoad surface & improvement project intended to extend the effective service0.60none
Santa RosaBike/WalkClass I Rehabilitation10
HealdsburgLocal Roads5-way Intersection RoundaboutReplace existing traffic signals with new single-lane roundabout at a 5-way intersection that also includes a railroad track through the middle. Roundabout features will include ADA-compliant pedestrian crossings at each of the five intersection approaches and railway preemption signal/gate system designed to meet quiet zone designation.5.55.5Local (Redevelopment Successor Agency)
HealdsburgLocal Roads RehabHealdsburg Avenue-Mill Street ImprovementsReconstruct Healdsburg Avenue to re-align street curbs, reduce number of vehicle lanes, implement parking, landscaped center medians, sidewalks and other pedestrian features. Mill Street reconstruction and partial widening to implement street curbs, sidewalks, and possibly lane reconfiguration.20
HealdsburgLocal Roads RehabDry Creek Road ImprovementsReconstruct and partially widen Dry Creek to implement street curbs, sidewalks, enhanced safety pedestrian crossing class 1 pathway and lane reconfiguration; reconstruct and widen north half of Grove St/Dry Creek Rd intersection.1.250
PetalumaBridgesWashington Street Bridge Seismic RetrofitSeismically retrofit the Washington Street bridge40none
PetalumaBike/WalkRivertrail-Crossing SMART and Hwy 101Construct a multi-user bicycle and pedestrian path to cross the SMART rail line and highway 101 and across the Petaluma River2.90none
PetalumaLocal RoadsRoad Diet Extension – Petaluma Boulevard SouthReconfigure the four lane road to two traffic lanes, a center turn lane and class 2 bike lanes. Overlay the roadway and reconstruct in parts as necessary.40none
PetalumaLocal Roads RehabVarious Pavement Maintenance ProjectsOverlays, reconstruction, rehabilitation of the existing street system1250none
PetalumaBike/WalkSMART Pathway - on street path in PetalumaClass 3 Bicycle and Pedestrian path along the SMART rail line50none
PetalumaLocal RoadsSouthern Crossing at Caulfield LaneConstruct extension of Caulfield Lane to cross the Petaluma River and terminate at Petaluma Boulevard South720none
PetalumaLocal RoadsPetaluma Crosstown Connector and Rainier InterchangeExtend Rainier Ave to cross highway 101 and terminate at Petaluma Blvd North. Construct interchange with highway 101 and Rainier Ave extension1150none
SCTAHighwayWiden U.S.101 Marin Sonoma Narrows - Phase 1 (Sonoma)COMMITTED PROJECT: Implement Marin Sonoma Narrows Phase 1 Project (Sonoma County). Convert US 101 from an expressway to a freeway and add frontage roads to accommodate a future 3rd lane. Replace: Petaluma Blvd. South Interchange, Lakeville Highway / 116 Interchange, Petaluma River Bridge and San Antonio Creek Bridge. Construct bike lanes from the Sonoma County line to Petaluma.237237STIP, STP/CMAQ, DEMO TEA 21, SAFETEA-LU HPP and Measure M
SCTAHighwayLandscaping - Highway 101 HOV CorridorFollow up landscaping for Highway 101 projects as outlined in the 2014 Highway 101 Corridor Landscaping & Tree Planting Plan. The Plan is available on SCTA's Web site at: http://www.sctainfo.org/reports/Highway_101_Corrider_Landscaping_and_Tree%20Planning_Plan/Highways_101_Corrider_Landscaping_and_Tree%20Planning_Plan_January_2014.pdf185STIP and Measure M
SCTAHighwayWiden U.S.101 Marin Sonoma Narrows - Phase 2 (Sonoma)Implement Marin Sonoma Narrows Phase 2 Projects (Sonoma County). Adds 1 HOV lane in each direction making the freeway 6 lanes wide. Realigns ramps at East Washington Street, Lakeville Highway, and Petaluma Blvd South Interchanges. Constructs northbound auxiliary lane between Lakeville Highway and East Washington Street.21014SAFETEA-LU HPP and Measure M
SCTAHighwayHighways 116 and 121 Intersection ImprovementsIntersection improvements will install either a roundabout or traffic signal to reduce congestion and improve facilities for bicycles and pedestrians.225Measure M, Local Other
SCTAHighwayU.S.101 / Railroad Avenue Improvements. Also Project #2001Construct northbound onramp, southbound onramp and southboud offramp. Intersection and Safety improvement on Railroad Ave from Stony Point Road to Petaluma Hill Road.500
SCTAHighwayState Route 37 Corridor Protection and Enhancement CapitalProjectBuild a viaduct between Sears Point and Vallejo converting a 2 lane conventional highway to a 4 lane elevated expressway with a toll facility to provide traffic relief and protected access at certain locations; include bike and pedestrian pathways that link to and meet with the requirements of the San Francisco Bay Trail; and explore options for transit – bus and rail. Include extensive environmental benefits to tidal marshlands and related plant and animal species by removing the existing route that is currently atop an earthen berm. Protect a critical east-west travel corridor from sea level rise and major storm events while simultaneously helping to reduce impacts from those same events to other resources.100
SebastopolHighwaySR 116 Curb, Gutter & SidewalkWiden shoulder, construct curb gutter and sidewaks, relocate utilities and storm drains.20none
SebastopolHighwayIntersection Control on Hwy 116 at 2 locations in SebastopolTraffic signals or roundabouts at two intersections on Hwy 116 in Sebastopol.40none
SebastopolLocal RoadsBodega Avenue Curb Gutter and Sidewalk ImprovementsCurb Gutter and Sidewalk Gap Closure0.750none
SebastopolLocal Roads RehabPavement Rehabilitation ProgramAnnual Rehabilitation Program for Local Streets in Sebastopol - Raise PCI 5 points in 5 years50.2Local ST, Measure M
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsMirabel Road ImprovementsWidening for pedestrian & bike facilities30Unknown
Sonoma CountyLocal RoadsStony Point Rd Intersection ImprovementsSignalization & intersection improvements at Roblar Road20Unknown
WindsorBike/WalkStarr Road: Re-Build Railroad Grade CrossingWiden the street and install sidewalks and bicycle lanes on Starr Road within the limits of the railway right of way.10.0075Traffic Mitigation Fee
WindsorLocal RoadsWindsor River Rd/Windsor Rd Int Improvements (CIP FY 2015-16)Preliminary design/environmental work for intersection improvements. Improvements may include a complete reconfiguration of the signalized intersection to a roundabout.20State or regional
WindsorLocal Roads RehabPavement Maintenance Program – Road RehabilitationResurface streets and roads in Windsor, includes the installation of ADA pedestrian ramps where non-ADA compliant ramps exist within the project limits.720State or regional, tax measures
WindsorBike/WalkOld Redwood Highway: Hembree Lane to Shiloh RoadWiden Old Redwood Highway, add bicycle lanes and sidewalks where missing and replace two drainage structures. Improve the street to current design standards, including completion of sidewalks.110.0075Traffic mitigation fee
WindsorLocal RoadsShiloh Road: Hembree Lane to Old Redwood HighwayWiden Shiloh Rd from Hembree Ln to Old Redwood Hwy and bring it up to current design standards. It is currently estimated that 75 percent of the planned improvements will be completed as part of private developments within the Shiloh Vision Plan Area.10.50
WindsorBike/WalkConde Lane: Oakfield Lane to Mitchell LaneImprove Conde Lane from Oakfield Lane to Mitchell Lane to provide bike lanes and sidewalk on the west side. It is currently estimated that 50 percent of this project will be completed as part of adjacent private developments.40.0075Traffic Mitigation Fee
WindsorLocal RoadsIntersection Modification at Lakewood Drive/Old Redwood HighwayWiden Lakewood Drive on the east side from Brooks Road South to Old Redwood Highway to provide additional lanes in the southbound direction so that multiple turn lanes can be accommodated.20.0075Traffic Mitigation Fee
WindsorHighwayShiloh Road Interchange ReconstructionReconstruct the Shiloh Road/US 101 interchange to provide two lanes in each direction. It is anticipated that the existing overcrossing will be replaced and ramps reconfigured. It is expected that 60 percent of project costs will come from federal, state, or regional funds.210Federal, state, or regional funding
WindsorHighwayUS 101 Overcrossing of Arata LaneReplace the US 101 overcrossing of Arata Lane to provide lane capacity and enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities, including sidewalks. It is expected that 60 percent of project costs will come from federal, state, or regional funds.140Federal, state, or regional funding