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SponsorProject TypeProject NameDescriptionCost ($M)Known Funds ($M)Fund Source
SMARTFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionSMART Rail Extensions - Airport to CloverdaleRail improvements from Airport Boulevard to Cloverdale, civil track, bridges, systems, three stations, and two 2-car train sets.178.820
SMARTFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionSMART Rail Operations Capacity ExpansionAdditional capacity at SMART Operations and Maintenance Facility to handle freight locomotive Positive Train Control maintenance and additional SMART train sets and C cars (3rd cars) to meet overall system capacity.30.390
SMARTFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionSMART Rail Freight ImprovementsAddition of rail freight spurs including Positive Train Control systems along the corridor, rail freight capacity improvements north of Airport Blvd incl. add'l siding track & road crossings, upgrade to systems on the Brazos and Blackpoint bridges19.70
SMARTFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionSMART Rail - Petaluma Infill StationAdditional station in Petaluma.110
Sonoma County TransitFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionSCT Facility Expansion, bus yard and maintenanceSCT bus yard and operations/maintenance facility expansion needed to accommodate proposed reduced headways and expanded weekend_x000D_
service on SCT's local and intercity bus routes. (Unconstrained Project)
Santa Rosa CityBusFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionIncluding Transit Mall, Transfer Center expansionTransit Mall expansion, Northside Transfer Center expansion100
Petaluma TransitFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionPetaluma Intermodal Station Bus Access Improvements (SMART Stn)Bus stop improvements including seating, real-time information kiosks, near SMART train platform on newly constructed platform access_x000D_
Petaluma TransitFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionPetaluma MO&A Facility Shop CNG RetrofitModifications to the existing maintenance shop to accommodate the use of CNG buses. Improved air circulation equipment, sensors,_x000D_
alarms, automatic door openers, etc.
Petaluma TransitFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionOngoing Bus Stop ImprovementsAddition of shelters, benches, trash cans, real-time information displays, concrete accessibility pads, solar security lighting, maps, infoposts,_x000D_
etc. at various existing bus stops in Petaluma.
Santa Rosa CityBusFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionPassenger Information and Fare Payment Technology and MarketingIncludes deployment of additional real-time bus arrival signs, trip planning and mobile ticketing apps, new ticketing equipment, and future_x000D_
fare payment and passenger information technologies, as well as relating marketing
Petaluma TransitFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionPetaluma Transit Signal Priority (TSP)Installation of passive, second tier signal priority systemat all signalized intersections in Petaluma. Project initiated in 2014 with N. McDowell Blvd Corridor, then expanding in subsequent years to Washington, Lakeville, Sonoma Mtn. Pkwy and Petaluma Bl0.450.2MTC TPI incentive, Local TDA and Impact Fees
Santa Rosa CityBusFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure Expansion2 Rapid Bus routes - planning, engineering , tech and infrastructureRapid Bus planning, engineering,technology, and infrastructure10.40
SMARTFacilities - ITS - Infrastructure ExpansionSMART Sonoma County Stations EnhancementsProject covers the six Phase 1 SMART stations in Sonoma County and includes near and long-term Station Enhancements (could incl.station furniture additions, landscaping , wayfinding, bike parking/sharing, real time transit signage, intermodal improvements81.040
Sonoma County TransitMaintain Existing OperationsSCT Existing Operations (Current)Estimated cost to maintain SCT's current levels of service for fixed- route and paratransit during the 25-year life of the CTP.485485TDA/STA, Measure M
Santa Rosa CityBusMaintain Existing OperationsTransit and Paratransit O&MTransit O&M & Paratransit at existing LOS, including replacement of equipment372.4372.4TDA, STA, Measure M, FTA 5307
Petaluma TransitMaintain Existing OperationsPetaluma Transit - Ongoing OperationsOperating costs for Petaluma Transit and Petaluma Paratransit, based upon December 2014 service levels and costs.9090TDA, Measure M, STA, Misc. Grants
SMARTMaintain Existing OperationsOngoing Operations (as funded by Measure Q and reauthorized)Rail and Pathway operations600.4600.4Measure Q, Reauthorizatino
Sonoma County TransitMaintain FacilitiesBus yard, maintenance facility, bus stops, park and ride lotsEstimated costs to maintain SCT's existing facilities (operations & maintenance facility, bus stops, park-and-ride lots, intermodal facilities etc) during the 25-year life of the CTP1010TDA/STA, Measure M, Fed,. Transit Admin., Air Dirstrict
Santa Rosa CityBusMaintain FacilitiesFacility Maintenance and RehabFacility maintenance and rehab, including ADA bus stop improvements5.315.315307, 5337, 5339, TDA, STA
Petaluma TransitMaintain FacilitiesTransit Maintenance, Operations & Admin Facility Rehab, Phase IIImproves bus and visitor parking capacity, security, safety, and accessibility by rehabilitating the Petaluma Transit MO&A yard.0.50
Sonoma County TransitMaintain FleetSCT Existing Vehicle ReplacementsEstimated costs to replace SCT's existing fixed route and paratransit vehicles during the 25-year life of the CTP.7575TDA/STA, Measure M, Fed. Transit Admin.
Santa Rosa CityBusMaintain FleetFleet ReplacementRegular replacement of existing transit, paratransit, and non-revenue vehicles67.4467.445307, 5337, 5339, TDA, STA
Petaluma TransitMaintain FleetBus ReplacementsRoutine replacement of Petaluma Transit and Petaluma Paratransit revenue vehicle fleet, following FTA useful life cycles and via MTC's TCP_x000D_
17.6214.1MTC FTA 5307 and 5339
Santa Rosa CityBusOperations Expansion50% Service Expansion and Rapid Bus (operating)50% increase in service hours to implement SRTP priorities (including restoration of service, higher frequencies in key corridors, expanded_x000D_
evening and Sunday service) and Rapid Bus service.
Sonoma County TransitOperations ExpansionSystemwide service expansion on core intercity and local routesIncrease service on 25 routes system wide730.35
Petaluma TransitOperations ExpansionService expansion including Rapid Bus, Rt Frequency and new Senior ServiceService expansion including Petaluma Rapid Bus, Improved bus frequency on Petaluma Transit's secondary lines, and new Senior Service220
Sonoma County TransitOperations ExpansionSCT Feeder Service to SMART RailLocal and intercity route adjustments to coordinate SCT feeder bus service to and from SMART at stations in Sonoma County.43
SMARTOperations ExpansionLocal Transit Service EnhancementsProject covers the six Phase 1 SMART stations in Sonoma County and provides local transit service enhancements estimated in 2016 at $500,000 per station for operating support to local transit providers and escalating annually by 3%.90
Petaluma TransitVehicle ExpansionFleet ExpansionAdditional vehicles over 25 years100
SMARTVehicle ExpansionSMART Rail Operations Capacity Expansion - Rail VehiclesExpand rail vehicle fleet with the addition of "C" cars (the third rail car) on each train to support ontime operations and meeting fleet load goals.530
Santa Rosa CityBusVehicle ExpansionFleet Expansion10 new FR buses, 2 new paratransit vehicles, and 2 new non-revenue vehicles, phased with operating expansion. Includes replacement of_x000D_
these vehicles in out years.
Sonoma County TransitVehicle ExpansionSCT Vehicle ExpansionEstimated 25 additional transit vehicles needed to accommodate proposed reduced headways and expanded weekend service on SCT's_x000D_
local and intercity bus routes. (Unconstrained Project)