Shift Sonoma County

Shift Sonoma County is a project to define and evaluate strategies to shift transportation choices away from single occupant vehicles towards cleaner, healthier, and more efficient modes of transportation.

The Shift Plan shows that it’s possible to cut our greenhouse gas emissions from transportation in half while also making our air cleaner, reducing commuting costs, keeping our money in the local economy, and offering more mobility options to all Sonoma County residents.

Shift builds from existing investments in Sonoma County and promotes new mobility solutions to make the entire local transportation system more efficient, affordable, and clean. This project explored barriers, opportunities, and actions to implement (or expand use of) the following in Sonoma County:

The updated Shift Plan is now available. It identifies specific, near-term strategies to implement each of these solutions that can be led by the SCTA/RCPA or by individual member governments. The plan explores the proposed strategies and provides links to various implementation tools and information resources intended to support new actions.

Shift Tools & Resources

Download the Bike Share Feasibility Study (PDF, 8MB).

Download the EV Charging Infrastructure Siting Framework (PDF, 6MB).

The EV Charging Infrastructure Siting Framework is available as an online map (view the map). In addition to public charging stations, the map has several layers to toggle under the “content” tab: Residential Charging (EV Suitability SF Res), Multi-family Charging (EV Suitability MF Res), Workplace Charging (EV Suitability Work), Opportunity Charging (EV Suitability Opportunity Charging).

Download the Employer Commute Program Toolkit (PDF, 6MB).

The Sample Employee TDM Survey was designed to help employers find out more about their employees commutes and their needs.

The How to TDM Guide is a template that can be used to communicate with employees about commute programs.


In early 2014, RCPA applied for and was awarded a Strategic Growth Council Planning Grant to develop Shift Sonoma County – a strategic action plan to promote a shift in both the mode and fuel used for personal transportation in Sonoma County. In 2014-2016, The RCPA is working with SCTA to develop gap analysis, strategic planning, and implementation strategies for transportation demand management (including car share, bike share, rideshare, transit integration, education, incentives, and land use), as well as strategies to promote electric vehicle use. This planning effort was identified as the crucial next step towards implementation of the SCTA Comprehensive Transportation Plan, Climate Action 2020, and the regional Plan Bay Area.


The work upon which this publication is based was funded in whole or in part through a grant awarded by the California Strategic Growth Council.

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