Bike and Walk

The transportation system of Sonoma County includes facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians. These active transportation modes are important because they offer people alternatives to driving, which can reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The SCTA funds bicycle and pedestrian projects through a variety of programs.

Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds are generated from a statewide ¼ cent sales tax. Article 3 of TDA (TDA3) is a 2% set-aside  of those funds for bicycle and pedestrian planning and projects. Funding is distributed based on population in Sonoma County. Examples of recently completed projects include:

• Pedestrian refuges, bicycle and pedestrian
• Signage and flashers, sidewalk gap closures
• Automatic bicycle and pedestrian counters
• A multi-use pathway, as well as multiple Class II bike lane projects throughout the county

SCTA facilitates coordinated planning and the exchange of information through its Countywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (CBPAC). This advisory body has representatives from every jurisdiction. It coordinates projects and funding, and makes recommendations to the SCTA for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

SCTA supports  “Complete Streets” principles in roadway planning. This means users of all ages and abilities are to be considered when designing a roadway: motorists of various vehicle types, pedestrians, bicyclists, people who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs, and transit users. SCTA planning efforts seek to connect bicycle and pedestrian facilities to each other, as well as to transit. Safety improvements, amenities that promote biking and walking, and programs that encourage choosing non-motorized ways to travel are all part of the SCTA effort to make active transportation viable for more and more people.

Santa Rosa Highway 101 Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

The Draft Environmental Document for the Santa Rosa Highway 101 Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge is currently available for public review and comment until July 24, 2020. Read More | Draft Document

Santa Rosa Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update 2018

The City of Santa Rosa recently updated its Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update 2018. The Plan Update 2018 is a critical tool in building a citywide transportation system that is bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The goal of the Plan Update is to encourage more residents to bike and walk. Elements of the Plan Update include:

• Existing Conditions
• Bicycle Traffic Level of Stress
• Design Guidelines
• Bicycle Friendly Community Assessment
• Bicycle and Pedestrian Network Recommendations
• Public Outreach